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"sufficiently" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

sufficiently przysłówek

czasownik + sufficiently
Kolokacji: 87
recovered sufficiently • sufficiently advanced • sufficiently developed • improved sufficiently • grown sufficiently • ...
sufficiently + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 100
sufficiently large • sufficiently high • sufficiently strong • sufficiently small • sufficiently powerful • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 8
1. sufficiently large = wystarczająco duży sufficiently large
2. sufficiently high = wystarczająco wysoki sufficiently high
3. sufficiently strong = wystarczająco silny sufficiently strong
4. sufficiently small = wystarczająco mały sufficiently small
5. sufficiently powerful = wystarczająco potężny sufficiently powerful
7. sufficiently low = wystarczająco niski sufficiently low
  • Oxygen, relative to hydrogen, is not of sufficiently low mass to escape through this mechanism.
  • The green coke must have sufficiently low metals content in order to be used as anode material.
  • Parts can be made with sufficiently low tolerances to not require further machining.
  • Concentration must be sufficiently low for observing individual particles.
  • By the time the fire was sufficiently low to permit his leaving it, the day was drawing to a close.
  • And if your bandwidth is sufficiently low, you can actually see the picture sort of render in.
  • However, current consumption must be kept sufficiently low to provide an acceptably long battery life.
  • Is this sufficiently low for conditions inside your unheated building?
  • The difficulty was in the selection of the integrated circuit technology that would function at sufficiently low power.
  • Cook over sufficiently low heat so that mixture bubbles but mushrooms do not brown.
8. sufficiently clear = wystarczająco czysty sufficiently clear

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