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substantial przymiotnik

substantial + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 345
substantial amount • substantial number • substantial increase • substantial portion • substantial part • substantial change • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 67
  • It could also create a substantial number of jobs in the town.
  • "There's no way to stop everybody, but a substantial number of people will not be able to get access."
  • There are a substantial number of places throughout the state named for him.
  • "These are cases that affect a substantial number of workers across the country."
  • There is now clear evidence for substantial numbers of three types.
  • It has yet to return in substantial numbers to field competition.
  • There is also a substantial number or workers from Vietnam.
  • "I also think a substantial number of people in both houses agree with us."
  • The band has a substantial number of plays at last.
  • Each is expected to win a substantial number of delegates.
6. substantial change = poważna zmiana, istotna zmiana substantial change
10. substantial loss = poważna strata substantial loss
15. substantial support = znaczne wsparcie substantial support
16. substantial reduction = znaczne obniżenie substantial reduction
18. substantial risk = znaczące ryzyko substantial risk
19. substantial saving = znaczna oszczędność substantial saving
20. substantial role = istotna rola substantial role
21. substantial impact = istotny wpływ substantial impact
23. substantial interest = znaczący interes substantial interest
25. substantial funding = znaczne finansowanie substantial funding
26. substantial growth = znaczny rozwój substantial growth
27. substantial benefit = znaczna korzyść substantial benefit
28. substantial gain = znaczący przyrost substantial gain
29. substantial majority = znaczna większość substantial majority
30. substantial cut = znaczne cięcie substantial cut
32. substantial body = znaczne ciało substantial body
36. substantial cost = znaczny koszt substantial cost
37. substantial margin = znaczący margines substantial margin
38. substantial minority = znaczna mniejszość substantial minority
39. substantial work = znaczna praca substantial work
40. substantial lead = znaczna wskazówka substantial lead
43. substantial force = znacząca siła substantial force
46. substantial share = znaczna część substantial share
47. substantial area = znaczący obszar substantial area
48. substantial fund = znaczny fundusz substantial fund
49. substantial agreement = zgoda w kwestiach zasadniczych substantial agreement
51. substantial aid = znaczna pomoc substantial aid
53. substantial effort = istotny wysiłek substantial effort
54. substantial power = znacząca moc substantial power
55. substantial income = znaczny dochód substantial income
58. substantial fee = znaczna opłata substantial fee
59. substantial presence = znaczna obecność substantial presence
61. substantial stake = znaczna stawka substantial stake
63. substantial revenue = znaczny przychód substantial revenue
66. substantial debt = znaczny dług substantial debt
67. substantial asset = znaczący atut substantial asset
przysłówek + substantial
Kolokacji: 4
most substantial • fairly substantial • pretty substantial • sufficiently substantial

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