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stride czasownik

stride + przyimek
Kolokacji: 39
stride into • stride down • stride off • stride out • stride toward • stride across • stride through • stride up • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
1. stride into = przechodzić do stride into
2. stride toward = przechodzić w kierunku stride toward
3. stride across = krok wszerz stride across
4. stride through = przejdź całkowicie stride through
5. stride down = krok w dół stride down
6. stride out = krok na zewnątrz stride out
7. stride off = krok daleko stride off
8. stride up = krok w górę stride up
9. stride to = przechodzić aby stride to
10. stride from = przechodzić z stride from
11. stride along = krok wzdłuż stride along
12. stride with = przechodzić z stride with
13. stride in = wejdź zamaszystym krokiem stride in
14. stride towards = przechodzić w kierunku stride towards
15. stride on = przechodzić na stride on
16. stride past = krok przeszłość stride past
18. stride up to = krok do stride up to
19. stride at = przechodzić przy stride at
20. stride onto = przechodzić na stride onto
  • She looked ahead and saw a gentleman striding onto the other end of the bridge.
  • The captain greeted him as Gold strode onto the bridge.
  • She strode onto the bridge and looked at the viewscreen.
  • Striding once more onto solidity, he turned about and looked across the short distance.
  • It was said that when he strode onto the parade ground, birds stopped singing.
  • He strode past them and out onto the street again.
  • The tall first officer strode from the ready room onto the bridge.
  • He strode across the road and onto the beach.
  • Fine with me, she thought as she strode onto the bridge.
  • The door slid open and he strode onto the bridge.
21. stride around = krok około stride around
22. stride over = przekroczyć coś stride over
stride + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 39
stride forward • stride away • stride purposefully • stride quickly • stride forth • ...

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