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"shirt" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

shirt rzeczownik

rzeczownik + shirt
Kolokacji: 78
polo shirt • flannel shirt • dress shirt • silk shirt • cotton shirt • plaid shirt • number shirt • sport shirt • linen shirt • work shirt • ...
shirt + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 15
shirt pocket • shirt sleeve • shirt collar • shirt front • shirt number • ...
shirt + czasownik
Kolokacji: 32
shirt hangs • shirt wears • shirt looks • shirt sticks • shirt clings • ...
czasownik + shirt
Kolokacji: 67
take off one's shirt • give several shirt • pull one's shirt • remove one's shirt • shirt made • wear with a shirt • wear a shirt • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
3. pull one's shirt = ciągnąć czyjś koszula pull one's shirt
  • He moved her hand away and pulled his shirt back down.
  • Dad pulled his shirt from the rack and tossed it on.
  • Alex sat up and tried to pull his torn shirt together.
  • He pulled his shirt on over his head, and came out into the sitting room.
  • He tried to pull his shirt down, but she simply yanked it up again.
  • Pull your shirt out and do something or other with that jacket.
  • Richard pulled his shirt up and showed Warren the scar.
  • Face drawn, he pulled his shirt on over the raw cuts.
  • With the male nurse helping, they pulled the man's shirt off.
  • He slid off the examining table and began pulling his shirt on.
4. remove one's shirt = usuwać czyjś koszula remove one's shirt
5. shirt made = koszula zrobiła shirt made
6. wear with a shirt = noś z koszulą wear with a shirt
8. consist of a shirt = składaj się z koszuli consist of a shirt
9. lose one's shirt = stracić wszystkie pieniądze, być spłukanym lose one's shirt
10. tear one's shirt = drzeć czyjś koszula tear one's shirt
11. sell shirts = sprzedaj koszule sell shirts
12. pull on one's shirt = wciągać czyjś koszula pull on one's shirt
13. pull off one's shirt = zdejmować się czyjś koszula pull off one's shirt
14. strip off one's shirt = pas daleko czyjś koszula strip off one's shirt
15. take one's shirt = brać czyjś koszula take one's shirt
16. put one's shirt = kłaść czyjś koszula put one's shirt
18. grab one's shirt = łapać czyjś koszula grab one's shirt
19. tuck one's shirt = wkładać czyjś koszula tuck one's shirt
20. wear over a shirt = noś ponad koszulą wear over a shirt
21. open one's shirt = otwierać czyjś koszula open one's shirt
przymiotnik + shirt
Kolokacji: 147
white shirt • blue shirt • red shirt • striped shirt • button-down shirt • short-sleeved shirt • long-sleeved shirt • clean shirt • green shirt • ...
przyimek + shirt
Kolokacji: 22
of one's shirt • on one's shirt • under one's shirt • to one's shirt • into one's shirt • ...

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