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present czasownik

present + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 196
present evidence • present arguments • present concerts • present difficulties • present information • present works • present plays • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 69
6. present information = obecne informacje present information
7. present plays = obecne gry present plays
8. present music = niniejsza muzyka present music
12. present one's findings = przedstawiać czyjś orzeczenia present one's findings
15. present data = obecne dane present data
16. present one's budget = przedstawiać czyjś budżet present one's budget
17. present one's side = przedstawiać czyjś strona present one's side
18. present issues = niniejsze kwestie present issues
19. present songs = obecne piosenki present songs
22. present witnesses = obecni świadkowie present witnesses
27. present the National Jukebox = wręcz Krajową Szafę Grającą present the National Jukebox
28. present a danger = nieś ze sobą niebezpieczeństwo present a danger
29. present events = obecne wydarzenia present events
33. present a threat = złóż groźbę present a threat
  • Your issue did not present a full picture of women.
  • So, using an example similar to the one above, a teacher might present a picture and ask "What is this?"
  • But the numbers present a dramatic picture of that practice.
  • They try to present a diverse picture of what it was like for American girls.
  • And business leaders here worry it will present a poor picture of Japan to the world.
  • On the other hand, the city presented an exhausted picture.
  • Once again, common sense had failed to present an accurate picture of this world.
  • He spoke well, presented a good picture, and was obviously very American.
  • Nobody has the chance to tidy up after themselves, to present a picture they'd like the world to see.
  • In a 1985 report, the agency found evidence of successful programs but presented a mixed picture.
38. present a paper = wygłosić referat (na konferencji) present a paper
41. present documents = okazać dokumenty present documents
43. present a risk = nieś ze sobą ryzyko present a risk
54. present a number = przedstaw liczbę present a number
55. present a front = przedstaw frontowi present a front
56. present an appearance = nieś ze sobą pojawienie się present an appearance
59. present art = obecna sztuka present art
60. present testimony = obecne zeznanie present testimony
61. present characters = obecne charaktery present characters
62. present gifts = obecne prezenty present gifts
63. present a face = przedstaw twarz present a face
64. present artists = obecni artyści present artists
65. present an account = przedstaw rachunek present an account
66. present candidates = obecni kandydaci present candidates
67. present questions = niniejsze pytania present questions
68. present paintings = obecne obrazy present paintings
69. present features = obecne cechy present features
czasownik + present
Kolokacji: 17
begin presenting • try to present • want to present • allow to present • plan to present • ...
present + przyimek
Kolokacji: 40
presented by • presented at • present to • presented in • present with • ...
present + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 84
presented annually • later presented • formally presented • originally presented • initially presented • ...

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