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"point" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

point rzeczownik

rzeczownik + point
Kolokacji: 309
percentage point • vantage point • West Point • reference point • entry point • selling point • turning point • breaking point • ...
point + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 92
point guard • point total • point a • point man • point system • point lead • point value • grade point average • points standing • ...
point + czasownik
Kolokacji: 130
point scores • point leads • point seems • point comes • point makes • point includes • point wins • point assists • point adds • ...
czasownik + point
Kolokacji: 348
earn points • turn Point • win points • average several points • get several points • finish with several points • see one's point • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
4. average several points = średni kilka punktów average several points
  • She looked up into his eyes to make sure he was getting her point.
  • You get your point across quickly because the mother hand is on top.
  • He did not need to say much more to get his point across.
  • And before either of you gets going, I think we get your point.
  • "Some of them know more about the fire service than we do, and they help get our point across."
  • He's always coming up with new ways to get his points across.
  • Instead, she works on the point system, where they get points for good behavior.
  • He probably got 25 points, but I made him work.
  • If the team gets more than 23 points, they start from 0.
  • How could he take so long to get the point of things?
16. lead by several points = zaprowadź przez kilka punktów lead by several points
17. trail by several points = szlak przez kilka punktów trail by several points
19. lose by several points = przegraj przez kilka punktów lose by several points
20. hold to several points = wyznawaj kilka punktów hold to several points
22. record several points = nagraj kilka punktów record several points
24. assist for several points = pomóż dla kilku punktów assist for several points
26. understand one's point = rozumieć czyjś punkt understand one's point
28. finish several points = skończ kilka punktów finish several points
29. lead to several points = zaprowadź do kilku punktów lead to several points
30. cut to several points = cięcie do kilku punktów cut to several points
31. climb several points = wespnij się na kilka punktów climb several points
33. score with several points = wynik z kilkoma punktami score with several points
34. give up several points = wydaj kilka punktów give up several points
35. beat by several points = bicie przez kilka punktów beat by several points
36. need several points = potrzebuj kilku punktów need several points
37. combine for several points = kombajn dla kilku punktów combine for several points
38. include points = obejmuj punkty include points
39. pick up several points = zdobądź kilka punktów pick up several points
40. win with several points = wygraj z kilkoma punktami win with several points
41. point known = punkt znany point known
42. defeat by several points = porażka przez kilka punktów defeat by several points
43. contribute several points = przeznacz kilka punktów contribute several points
45. stop point = punkt zatrzymania stop point
48. discuss points = omów punkty discuss points
49. total several points = całkowity kilka punktów total several points
50. extend to several points = obejmuj kilka punktów extend to several points
51. clarify points = wyjaśnij punkty clarify points
53. place at points = miejsce przy punktach place at points
54. take as one's point = brać jak czyjś punkt take as one's point
55. end with several points = koniec z kilkoma punktami end with several points
56. point set = punkt umieścił point set
58. plunge several points = zagłębiaj kilka punktów plunge several points
59. make to the point = zrób do punktu make to the point
62. miss the point = nie zrozumieć o co chodzi miss the point
64. know as one's Point = wiedzieć jak czyjś Punkt know as one's Point
65. identify points = zidentyfikuj punkty identify points
66. add several points = dodaj kilka punktów add several points
67. increase several points = podnieś kilka punktów increase several points
69. start from any point = początek z jakiegokolwiek punktu start from any point
72. hold at gun point = trzymaj na celowniku hold at gun point
76. explain one's point = wyjaśniać czyjś punkt explain one's point
77. agree with one's point = zgadzać się czyjś punkt agree with one's point
78. start points = punkty początku start points
82. finish in points = koniec w punktach finish in points
84. come within several points = mieść się w kilku punktach come within several points
85. limit to several points = limit do kilku punktów limit to several points
88. pass the point = miń punkt pass the point
89. manage several points = zarządzaj kilkoma punktami manage several points
91. point is called = do punktu dzwonią point is called
93. point is shown = punkt jest pokazywany point is shown
94. support one's point = wsparcie czyjś punkt support one's point
97. post several points = poczta kilka punktów post several points
99. advance several points = posuń naprzód kilka punktów advance several points
100. share one's point = dzielić czyjś punkt share one's point
przymiotnik + point
Kolokacji: 364
focal point • low point • extra point • main point • certain point • whole point • key point • critical point • boiling point • weak point • ...
przyimek + point
Kolokacji: 46
in point • for several points • between several points • within several points • up several points • ...

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