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"partner" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

partner rzeczownik

rzeczownik + partner
Kolokacji: 130
business partner • trading partner • coalition partner • law partner • sex partner • life partner • dance partner • trade partner • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 24
4. law partner = partner prawa law partner
5. sex partner = partner seksualny sex partner
6. life partner = partner życiowy life partner
7. dance partner = partner do tańca, partnerka do tańca dance partner
8. trade partner = kontrahent, partner handlowy trade partner
  • China has become the largest trade partner of almost every country in Asia.
  • We must have the confidence to go overseas and tell our trade partners why they should do business with us.
  • Each country is the largest trade partner of the other.
  • Among other things, Iraq used the forum to screen potential trade partners, one oil industry member said.
  • In the case of Mexico, a close neighbor and large trade partner, the answer is sound policy.
  • Germany emerged as a main trade partner and market for Polish products.
  • We should be looking at both of those countries as trade partners.
  • Such a rapid development in economic potential means that China is becoming one of the world's leading trade partners.
  • We are living through times when business is very aggressive, so our criteria for choosing trade partners need to have been well thought out.
  • Europe can do a great deal in this respect, above all, as the region's most important trade partner.
9. merger partner = partner dotyczący fuzji merger partner
10. training partner = partner szkoleniowy training partner
11. venture partner = partner śmiałego przedsięwzięcia venture partner
14. minority partner = partner mniejszościowy minority partner
15. marriage partner = towarzysz życia małżeństwa marriage partner
16. community partner = partner społeczny community partner
17. tax partner = partner podatku tax partner
18. tag team partner = partner metki zespołowy tag team partner
19. industry partner = partner przemysłu industry partner
20. media partner = partner medialny media partner
21. dancing partner = partner do tańca, partnerka do tańca dancing partner
22. bed partner = partner łóżka bed partner
23. broadcast partner = partner programu broadcast partner
24. investment partner = partner inwestycyjny investment partner
partner + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 22
partner organization • Partner Zone • partner institution • partner country • partner school • ...
partner + czasownik
Kolokacji: 147
partner includes • partner makes • partner says • partner takes • partner works • partner owns • partner buys • partner holds • ...
czasownik + partner
Kolokacji: 84
seek partners • live with one's partner • tell one's partner • meet one's partner • include partners • buy out one's partners • ...
przymiotnik + partner
Kolokacji: 219
senior partner • general partner • sexual partner • founding partner • junior partner • equal partner • potential partner • ...
przyimek + partner
Kolokacji: 24
between partners • with one's partner • of one's partners • to one's partner • from one's partner • ...

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