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drift rzeczownik

rzeczownik + drift
Kolokacji: 6
Tokyo Drift • wind drift • drift of snow • clock drift • ice drift • ...
drift + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 7
drift net • drift ice • drift boat • drift velocity • drift tube • ...
przymiotnik + drift
Kolokacji: 29
genetic drift • continental drift • general drift • deep drift • slow drift • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
(2) slow, gradual, soft, gentle
Kolokacji: 4
(3) glacial, white
Kolokacji: 2
(4) downward, upward
Kolokacji: 2
(5) steady, random, inexorable
Kolokacji: 3
1. steady drift = ciągły prąd steady drift
2. random drift = przypadkowy dryf random drift
3. inexorable drift = nieustępliwy sens inexorable drift
  • Increased development to the north of the Octagon saw a slow but inexorable drift of the city's business heart to George Street, a trend possibly accelerated by the growth of the city's tertiary education sector, especially the University of Otago.
  • Within this structure, the exhibition presents what might be called a sweeping but episodic view of the inexorable drift toward the modern that began in Europe in the middle of the 19th century.
  • Drift Toward Compromise While conservatives have been complaining for some time about the inexorable drift toward compromise, the Supreme Court battle crystalized their anger as no other loss has done.
  • Golaud, Arkel's grandson, finds Melisande in the forest, marries her and watches her inexorable drift toward his half-brother, Pelleas, whom he ultimately kills out of jealousy.
  • To the Editor: Michele Tolela Myers speaks for many of us in colleges and universities who are witnessing an unfortunate, seemingly inexorable drift from the lofty ideals of higher education toward models of ostensible corporate efficiency ("A Student Is Not an Input" Op-Ed, March 26).
  • The first of the Modern's millennial museumwide extravaganzas, this flawed and courageous exhibition is a sweeping but episodic view of the inexorable drift toward the modern that began in the mid-19th century.
  • The assassination may only have accelerated the inexorable drift towards partition.
  • It is thus impossible to reproduce an object with exactitude, which in Kubler's mind results in an inexorable "drift" away from the object's manifestation at inception.
  • He believes his models have revealed "laws of complexity" at play in the universe that counter the inexorable drift toward heat death - toward universal sameness - decreed by the second law of thermodynamics.
(6) rightward, leftward
Kolokacji: 2
(7) slight, small
Kolokacji: 2
przyimek + drift
Kolokacji: 10
of drift • in drifts • with drifts • into drifts • through the drifts • ...

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