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"brush" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

brush czasownik

brush + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 32
brush one's hair • brush one's teeth • brush one's hand • brush one's cheek • brush one's lips • brush one's fingers • ...
brush + przyimek
Kolokacji: 27
brush off • brush against • brush up • brush past • brush across • ...
brush + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 23
brush aside • lightly brush • brush away • gently brush • carefully brush • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
(1) aside, away
Kolokacji: 2
(4) accidentally, inadvertently
Kolokacji: 2
1. neatly brushed = starannie wyczyścić neatly brushed
2. easily brushed = łatwo wyczyścić easily brushed
  • Perhaps it was a kind of love, but a girl's love, easily brushed aside.
  • But she was feeble, and her blows were easily brushed aside.
  • Fortunately the dung had been dry, and it brushed out of his hair easily.
  • And mistakes in New York politics aren't easily brushed aside.
  • Someone could have easily brushed by the chair and lifted her purse without Alicia's friends taking notice.
  • But The Shadow had no intention of being brushed off that easily.
  • She thought it a game, a sexual repartee that she could easily brush aside later.
  • Not only did I not score, but my weak shot was easily brushed aside by their goalie.
  • Galvin gave an outstanding display in that game and the northerners were easily brushed aside on a score line of 1-14 to 0-6.
  • He brushed by me easily as he turned, black gauze underrobe rippling.
3. brush straight = wyczyść prosto brush straight
4. angrily brush = gniewnie szczotka angrily brush
5. loosely brushed = luźno wyczyścić loosely brushed
6. brush clean = szczotka czysty brush clean
(6) quickly, casually
Kolokacji: 2
(7) simply, merely
Kolokacji: 2

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