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"architectural" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

architectural przymiotnik

architectural + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 274
architectural style • architectural firm • architectural design • architectural feature • architectural historian • architectural element • ...
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Kolokacji: 35
3. architectural design = projekt architektoniczny, plan architektoniczny architectural design
  • The architectural features may be clearly seen in all parts of the building.
  • This however does not hold any ground on account of the architectural features.
  • The room's own architectural features serve the museum collection as well.
  • Leader heads are often used as architectural features on a building.
  • According to architectural features the building can be dated to the 13th century.
  • The general condition of the major architectural features is mixed.
  • But certain plants have architectural features, too, and they can make a great deal of difference in landscape design.
  • The house was built in 1885 and offers a number of impressive architectural features.
  • Today, there remains only a few stretches of wall and some architectural features.
  • There is however one architectural feature to offer a clue to the period.
7. architectural detail = detal architektoniczny, szczegół architektoniczny architectural detail
9. architectural drawing = rysunek architektoniczno-budowlany architectural drawing
11. architectural practice = architektoniczna praktyka architectural practice
13. architectural significance = architektoniczne znaczenie architectural significance
14. architectural form = forma architektoniczna architectural form
15. architectural competition = architektoniczna konkurencja architectural competition
16. architectural project = architektoniczny projekt architectural project
17. architectural monument = zabytek architektoniczny architectural monument
18. architectural interest = architektoniczne zainteresowania architectural interest
20. architectural work = architektoniczna praca architectural work
21. architectural landmark = architektoniczny punkt orientacyjny architectural landmark
22. architectural structure = struktura architektoniczna architectural structure
23. architectural treasure = architektoniczny skarb architectural treasure
24. architectural gem = klejnot architektury architectural gem
25. architectural works = architektoniczny pracuje architectural works
26. architectural designer = architektoniczny projektant architectural designer
27. architectural tradition = architektoniczna tradycja architectural tradition
28. architectural masterpiece = architektoniczne arcydzieło architectural masterpiece
29. architectural sculpture = architektoniczna rzeźba architectural sculpture
30. architectural integrity = architektoniczna integralność architectural integrity
31. architectural value = architektoniczna wartość architectural value
32. architectural study = architektoniczna nauka architectural study
33. architectural achievement = architektoniczne osiągnięcie architectural achievement
34. architectural space = architektoniczna przestrzeń architectural space

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