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"additional" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

additional przymiotnik

additional + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 854
additional information • additional cost • additional feature • additional charge • additional funding • additional fund • ...
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12. additional fee = dodatkowa opłata additional fee
17. additional tax = podatek dodatkowy additional tax
22. additional responsibility = dodatkowa odpowiedzialność additional responsibility
27. additional share = dodatkowa część additional share
28. additional income = dodatkowy dochód additional income
  • Where the additional money would come from was not made clear.
  • But additional federal money may not be coming any time soon.
  • The additional money will be available for only six months.
  • More than half the additional money, $246 million, will go to the public schools.
  • It came up with enough additional money to cover everything.
  • States would be given three years and additional money to begin the tests.
  • "We've moved to give them additional money, but their position is much too high."
  • He said the school was working out how to raise the additional money.
  • The additional money is being used for staff, equipment and public information.
  • At the time he said it would be better simply to give people additional money through tax credit system.
31. additional unit = jednostka dodatkowa additional unit
39. additional force = dodatkowa siła additional force
42. additional power = dodatkowa moc additional power
43. additional seat = dodatkowe miejsce additional seat
44. additional dollar = dodatkowy dolar additional dollar
45. additional payment = zapłata dodatkowa additional payment
46. additional time = dodatkowy czas additional time
49. additional year = dodatkowy rok additional year
51. additional week = dodatkowy tydzień additional week
53. additional child = dodatkowe dziecko additional child
55. additional day = dodatkowy dzień additional day
56. additional people = dodatkowi ludzie additional people
59. additional minute = dodatkowa minuta additional minute
61. additional month = dodatkowy miesiąc additional month
63. additional officer = dodatkowy urzędnik additional officer
68. additional percent = dodatkowy procent additional percent
69. additional capital = dodatkowy kapitał additional capital
70. additional expense = dodatkowy koszt additional expense
73. additional surname = dodatkowe nazwisko additional surname
76. additional acre = dodatkowy akr additional acre
77. additional burden = dodatkowy ciężar additional burden
78. additional office = dodatkowe biuro additional office
79. additional job = dodatkowa praca additional job
80. additional capacity = dodatkowa pojemność additional capacity
82. additional layer = dodatkowa warstwa additional layer
83. additional line = dodatkowa linia additional line
85. additional security = dodatkowe zabezpieczenie additional security
86. additional spending = dodatkowe wydatki additional spending
87. additional train = dodatkowy pociąg additional train
89. additional episode = dodatkowe wydarzenie additional episode
90. additional case = dodatkowy przypadek additional case
94. additional cut = dodatkowe cięcie additional cut
95. additional room = dodatkowy pokój additional room
97. additional damage = dodatkowe uszkodzenie additional damage
98. additional weight = dodatkowa waga additional weight
99. additional investment = dodatkowa inwestycja additional investment
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