Keith and The Girl

2995: Chandelier Porn w/ Carmen Lynch and Calvin Cato

Dodany: 11 grudnia 2018

Greenland, The Bahamas, and our troops; seeing a girl jump in front of your subway; being a parent to your lover's child; Golden Globe nominations and Crazy Rich Asians

2994: Call-Out Culture w/ Judy Gold

Dodany: 10 grudnia 2018

Judy vs. Donald Trump; Judy's love life; comedians' wages; Chemda's landlord; Louis C.K.'s return and his hecklers; Neil deGrasse Tyson's 4th sexual assault allegation; Kevin Hart steps down from...

2993: Robotripping w/ Lucas Connolly

Dodany: 8 grudnia 2018

Lesbian mothers and bullying; the highest high; rekindling old relationships while shitfaced

2992: How to Spot a Trickster w/ Stephen Spinola

Dodany: 7 grudnia 2018

The Keith Malley School of Trickster Awareness; driving for Uber; driving Steven Tyler; how to mine cryptocurrency; Gilbert Gottfried hates Stephen; hospital food

2991: Fashionably Gay w/ Ashley Gavin

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2018

Chemda is 2 years tumor-free; dating closeted people; diversity in commercials; man shoots own groin in Walmart; TV stealing jokes; reacting to gay comedians; Pope Francis on the fashionability of...

2990: Regulating Shakes w/ Janelle James and Kyle Ocasio

Dodany: 5 grudnia 2018

Keith's girlfriend upgrading his life; how Keith and Kyle fight; The Love Languages; NYC in your 20s; Keith's child disciplining techniques

2989: Sry I Dipped w/ Dan Soder

Dodany: 4 grudnia 2018

Therapy; Keith's long-lost friend; weed vs. opioids; Pete Davidson; long-distance relationships

2988: Loose Cannon w/ Mike Cannon

Dodany: 1 grudnia 2018

Military dogs and comedy for the troops; challenging masculinity; drugs and alcohol; family fights; tumultuous college years

2987: Human Garbage w/ Tracey Carnazzo

Dodany: 30 listopada 2018

Your flag's stars; high school fights; Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; holiday letters

2986: Used to Hate Him w/ Brother Love

Dodany: 29 listopada 2018

Brother Love's origin story; marrying a fellow musician; Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and Joe Perry; KATG Polls; dosing your dog

2985: Ten Seconds To Love w/ Christian Finnegan

Dodany: 28 listopada 2018

Women's stubbornness with medicine; post-election thoughts; rape culture and music; Dwight Howard and Masin Elijé; Trump, the transgender community, and electromagnetic; anonymous man pays off...

2984: The Picture w/ J.P. McDade and Conor Delehanty

Dodany: 27 listopada 2018

Keith high on next-level weed; Keith's pregnancy scare; Thanksgiving and family traumatizing; Jeopardy!; Chemda's cleanliness; family DNA results; the brilliance of laminated porn

2983: Jewish American Princess w/ Hannah Boone

Dodany: 22 listopada 2018

Group therapy; sending nudes; the valley girl voice; tattoos that commemorate dead loved ones; Tekashi 6ix9in; Run Pee

2982: Elite Status w/ Danny Vega

Dodany: 21 listopada 2018

Martha Stewart negatively reviews Uber; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez too poor to move to Washington D.C; no more comics at The White House Correspondents' Dinner; Megyn Kelly meets Michelle Wolf; men,...

2981: Fool Me Twice w/ Alli Breen

Dodany: 19 listopada 2018

Comedy for the troops; The West Wing and Keith's girlfriend; Trump on having the best climate; catching cheaters

2980: Progress Not Perfection w/ Dave Hill

Dodany: 17 listopada 2018

Sharing the show; how to properly troll and how to be human; your technology spying on you; El Chapo's trial begins; Toxic is Word of the Year; Chemda and the Comedy Cellar podcast; Hennessy's...

2979: The Stalk Market w/ Lucie Pohl

Dodany: 15 listopada 2018

The history of Stan Lee; breakups and being single; stalkers; your parents

2978: How’d He Die? w/ Melody Kamali and Bianca Brady

Dodany: 14 listopada 2018

Virtue signalling; sobriety; Marvel's Stan Lee died; comic book conventions with Erik Estrada, Lori Petty, and The Beastmaster's Marc Singer; Chemda and Isaac Hayes; Keith discovers The West Wing;...

2977: Fuck Adam Curry w/ Matt B.

Dodany: 13 listopada 2018

Sex with Robert Palmer; the history of KATG and Keith and Chemda's romance; the original podcasters

2976: Simply Irresistible

Dodany: 12 listopada 2018

Veterans Day; sex with Robert Palmer; military K9 adventures; mass shooter "explained" himself; Ruth Bader Ginsburg "couldn't make" photo with Brett Kavanaugh; Dennis Hof won election while dead;...