Keith and The Girl

2678: Dumbass Bitch

Dodany: 25 lipca 2017


with Nathan Macintosh – Deadbeat dads; child drinking; Keith’s punishments; cheat weekends; couple name-calling; men hangouts vs. women hangouts; woman accidentally shoots man through encyclopedia;...

2677: Stove Top Fucking

Dodany: 24 lipca 2017


Sydnee Washington – Customer service; being fired; relationships, sobriety, and breast implants; R. Kelly and 13-year-olds; Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor; how a man should discuss feminist...

2676: Bro Code

Dodany: 21 lipca 2017


with Jared Freid – Bro culture; how to work dating apps; how your exes would describe you; why to marry Jewish; circumcision; birthdays; listener relationship questions

2675: Made in the Shade

Dodany: 20 lipca 2017


with Martin Morrow – Family addiction; show business scams; chuuch; camping and the Crips

2674: Don’t Say It

Dodany: 19 lipca 2017


with Ari Shaffir – Social media hiatus; Asia; Bill Cosby’s 80th birthday; R. Kelly’s sex cult; dating much younger women; 2 Live Crew founding member dies; George A. Romero and Martin Landau die;...

2673: In the Service

Dodany: 18 lipca 2017


with Kath and Jan – Robots invent their own secret language; Donald Trump’s tweets and Chris Christie’s beach closing; starting as a lawyer; working in the restaurant industry: horror stories,...

2672: Unlaughable

Dodany: 17 lipca 2017


River by Bishop Briggs; Chemda’s bike update; My Name Is Keith w/ Casey James Salengo; testosterone shots and shitting in cups; females’ laughter; the female Doctor Who; Dane Cook; hugging cops;...

2671: Heroes Never Die

Dodany: 14 lipca 2017


with Lucie Pohl and Tracy Soren – Overwatch; Hi, Hitler; catcalling and dog walking; Chemda’s bike has no breaks; the Roast of Rich Vos; a broke Charlie Sheen; T.J. Miller angrily leaves Silicon...

2670: Bottoms Up

Dodany: 13 lipca 2017


with Hennessy – Facebook Live; Bottoms Up transgender reboot; passing as male; putting your foot down; silent retreats; the dinged car update; the Queen is above the law; farting around loved ones;...

2669: All Eyez on Me

Dodany: 12 lipca 2017


with Rae Sanni – The President Show; family contracts; Keith’s a bad son; dating a comic; how ladies deal with cab drivers; starting a podcast; scammers and fake IRS agents; code-switching...

2668: Speoutside of the Queer

Dodany: 11 lipca 2017


with Andrea Allan and Aileen Clark – Your ridiculous tattoos; Molly and vomit; Chemda’s covfefe moment; for the love of Madonna

2667: The Mastodon

Dodany: 10 lipca 2017


with Petey DeAbreu – 1984 on Broadway; cigarette moochers and thieves; stealing a professional runner’s shoes; being held at gunpoint; rich man, poor man; moving to NYC; donkey sex; Christian porn...

2666: Push It Real Good

Dodany: 7 lipca 2017


With Maggie Maye – Being surrounded by white people; being stuck with the Confederate flag; The Verraz(z)ano Bridge; virtually homeless; helping people out of the closet; Ryan Seacrest demands...

2665: Body Talk

Dodany: 6 lipca 2017


with Alyssa Limperis – Your family and cursing; nudity and your weight; how to be a good parent; farting and loved ones

2664: 21-Fart Salute

Dodany: 5 lipca 2017


with Conor Delehanty – Living with multiple roommates; your mother’s trash boyfriend; anger issues; your mom’s gambling; Johnny Depp vs. The President; how to not hide a gun in your vagina; how to...

2663: Dante’s Inferno

Dodany: 30 czerwca 2017


with Dante Nero – Get your balls back; be a better bitch; Dante saves Keith’s relationship

2662: Looking for Love

Dodany: 29 czerwca 2017


with Tom Brink – Sobriety, relapsing, and suicide; miscommunication; Chemda’s landlord’s catcalls; showing your mom the neighborhood; Timehop; Ron Howard directs Han Solo; Transformers: The Last...

2661: Piss Adjacent

Dodany: 28 czerwca 2017


with Alison Klemp – To Catch a Predator; cohabitating (with a comedian); squirting; George Clooney’s billion dollar tequila; Ask KATG; the Naked Show and vomit; Curtis Armstrong vs. Tom Cruise

2660: Code-switching

Dodany: 27 czerwca 2017


with Alzo Slade – Code-switching; Chemda’s mom; to condom or not condom; Johnny Depp knew he was going broke; The Slants; JAY-Z’s new name; how to have great sex

2659: Back to Reality

Dodany: 26 czerwca 2017


with Michelle Collins – The View; actors and their personal lives; the Cosby mistrial; Bachelor in Paradise controversy; The Handmaid’s Tale’s sex scenes; dating a tall woman; silent but angry;...