Keith and The Girl

2829: Lying Dicks w/ Ashley Gavin

Dodany: 19 marca 2018


Miami's collapsed footbridge; Keith puts a searing fork in his mouth; the U.S. Army's St. Patrick's Day tweet; National Walkout Day; teacher fires gun in class; mom who married her son then her...

2828: Grow and Tell w/ Kevin Allison

Dodany: 17 marca 2018


Sex with dwarfs; sex party rules and regulations; Kevin’s sex with a transgender man; sex party anger; remembering Stephen Hawking; real life vs. Black Mirror

2827: Dog Day Afternoon

Dodany: 16 marca 2018


Impressionists; man takes clothes off on flight to enjoy porn; Florida’s Officer of the Year is a gun abusing drug addict; Black Panther makes over $1 billion, A Wrinkle in Time’s terrible reviews,...

2826: NSFW w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 15 marca 2018


The Stand-Up-Athon behind the scenes; Andrea’s first sex club; abused Turpin siblings treated(?) to a Yo-Yo Ma performance

2825: Could Justy Dodge Cancer

Dodany: 14 marca 2018


with Justy Dodge and Shauna Lane – Keith and Justy’s volatile friendship; breast cancer, chemotherapy, and new leases on life; teaching; 5 tourists killed on helicopter sightseeing tour; learning...

2824: Times Are Changing

Dodany: 13 marca 2018


with Molly Austin – 2018’s KATG Stand-Up-Athon; women and alcoholism; Molly and dating apps; Chemda saves the homeless; Keith and Chemda’s anniversary dinner; O.J. Simpson’s shocking interview for...

2823: Chemda the Trickster Is at It Again

Dodany: 9 marca 2018


13 years in podcasting; how Oprah Winfrey tips hotel maids; KATG polls and Keith vs. Chemda; Oscar thief’s $20,000 bail; woman attacks cheating boyfriend with samurai sword bought for that reason;...

2822: The Avengers

Dodany: 8 marca 2018


with Melody Kamali – Growing up Persian; fear of commitment; morning routines and significant others; loved ones’ social media; male escort outs 36 gay priests; 24-year-old caught taking thumb off...

2821: 13 Years Down

Dodany: 7 marca 2018


with Andrea Allan and Tracey Carnazzo – 13 years of podcasting; David Eason fired from Teen Mom for homophobic and transphobic comments; giving gifts to ladies; soft and small dicks; Frances...

2820: #OscarsSoAwkward

Dodany: 6 marca 2018


with Andrea Allan – Year 13; Mother Nature’s destruction and Keith’s lack of water; shit eating vs. pencil in the ass sticking; Venmo vs. cash; insurance for rapists; 2018 Oscars and Razzies; Red...

2819: Crazy Train

Dodany: 2 marca 2018


with Lecy Goranson – Life on Roseanne; failing acting class; the paparazzi vs. social media; littering and the death penalty; dating as a celebrity

2818: Hooked

Dodany: 1 marca 2018


with Chris Laker – Fitting in; dumping someone on a major holiday; road rage; wolverining your keys; happy ending massages and prostitution; what you do alone; police officer who tested positive...

2817: Numbnuts

Dodany: 28 lutego 2018


with Yedoye Travis –’s $45,000 asking price; 50 Cent, Bitcoin millionaire; Las Vegas’s friendly airport drug policy; woman uses poop to hide drugs and Valentine’s Day card from cops;...

2816: Arm in Arm

Dodany: 27 lutego 2018


with Katharine Heller and Kambri Crews – Arming yourself, protecting minorities, saving schools, and the NRA; a MAGA dating site; Game Night and Annihilation reviewed

2815: When Dads Cry

Dodany: 26 lutego 2018


with May Wilkerson – May’s blackout history; your sad dad; smartphones in schools and kids today; NJ Cardinal’s inappropriate tweet; Keith, his dating life, and his father; wedding photographer...

2814: CityKids

Dodany: 23 lutego 2018


With Chris Laker and Ruby Karp — Celebrate with KATG; what it’s like being a child; OkCupid, Keith’s dating life, KATG Polls, and the destruction of Science; Keith’s dad’s dating advice

2813: Benefits

Dodany: 22 lutego 2018


with Emily Lubin – Being dumped on Valentine’s Day; babysitting sad children; men vs. women in our current dating environment

2812: Central and Main

Dodany: 21 lutego 2018


with Casey James Salengo – Casey’s love life and rough history; Trump vs. Oprah; Fergie’s National Anthem performance; Marilyn Manson’s onstage meltdown; more Russian Olympians caught doping;...

2811: In the Pants

Dodany: 20 lutego 2018


with Jessie Jolles – Apple’s dangerous all-glass headquarters; Snickers Pods and Doritos for Women; Trump’s comb-over; Keith and Jessie’s love lives

2810: Black Panther

Dodany: 19 lutego 2018


with Rod Morrow – Florida school shooting reactions; Keith’s bad date; Black Panther reviewed with Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips; Keith’s good date