Keith and The Girl

2639: The Donald Trump/Billy Bush Sex Tape

Dodany: 26 maja 2017


with Cate Weinberg – Single vs. dating life; navigating with an STD; Billy Bush ‘s half apology and the Donald Trump pussy tape dissected; Trump visits Israel; Keith’s angry internet pals; Top Gun...

2638: Disorderly Conduct

Dodany: 25 maja 2017


with Costaki Economopoulos and Andrea Allan – Children, football, and beauty pageants; Shaq admits the Earth is round; your lover’s past; joint custody; children discovering sex; how to be a...

2637: You’re Shittin' Me

Dodany: 24 maja 2017


with David Ilku, Nora Burns, and Mike Albo – Unitard; Blue Steel, Cosby, and World at a Glance; KATG’s broken toilet; homosexuality as a punchline; the Ariana Grande massacre; Billions records at...

2636: Laughable

Dodany: 23 maja 2017


With Stephen Spinola – Stephen is moving from NYC to Tennessee; weed drug testing; Gordon Ramsay is attracted to Stephen’s girlfriend; rage-quitting and ruining establishments; Born in China reviewed

2635: Say Hello 2 Heaven

Dodany: 22 maja 2017


with Andrea Allan and Hann Cowger – Chris Cornell dies; Roger Ailes dies; Donald Trump’s witch-hunt; Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to underage sexting; sexually abusive police officers; the Times...

2634: Pun Intended

Dodany: 19 maja 2017


with Joe Berkowitz – Accidentally sending an email about someone to them; Away with Words; sologomy; writers’ depression; cancelling White House press briefings; latest on the homeless internet...

2633: An Honest Day’s Crunch

Dodany: 18 maja 2017


with Peggy O’Leary – Working for a sexist racist; Cold-EEZE’s horrible side effect; Powers Boothe dies; Drop Dead Diva; the banned internet café killer; Steve Harvey’s ridiculous staff memo;...

2632: Standing on a Ladder

Dodany: 17 maja 2017


with Shane Torres – Taking your dad off life support; children and football; children and beauty pageants; waking up gay; the controversial new Miss USA; the Spokane Spanker

2631: In the Army Now

Dodany: 16 maja 2017


with Benari Poulten – War; being Superman; military sexual assault; FBI translator marries into ISIS; MTV’s Rob & Big’s Big Black dies; 85-year-old dies climbing Mount Everest; choking to death on...

2630: No Service

Dodany: 15 maja 2017


with Blair Socci – Comedian breakups; Chemda vs. AT&T; lost airport luggage; sex booths; Keith’s inappropriate veterinarian

2629: Games People Play

Dodany: 12 maja 2017


with J.P. McDade – Roast battles; Blue Apron co-founder assaulted by police; Gamers: hand and wrist deformities, racism, and unions; elementary school child Nazis; Internet café stabbing over...

2628: Thirsty

Dodany: 11 maja 2017


with Andrea Allan and Libby Phillips – Andrea’s work evaluation; new Flavor of The Month shows, living and fucking as an alcoholic, men’s power moves

2627: A Pulpy Load

Dodany: 10 maja 2017


with Jason Burke – Dads, hypochondria, OCD, cocaine, and pet medications; a sober Brad Pitt; Jason’s arrest; Donald Trump doesn’t understand the Civil War; Hillary Clinton on her disastrous...

2626: Sleepy Hollow

Dodany: 9 maja 2017


With Maria Heinegg – Soberish living; dry counties; Johnny Depp vs. his management team; Maria’s dead brother; disrespecting a country’s name; endometriosis; man leaves dildos in bookstore’s...

2625: The Reasurgence aka Literary Book Scouts and the Technicals (SEO)

Dodany: 8 maja 2017


with Andrea Allan – Nothing is more important to Bose than your trust; scammers ReadersMagnet happens to call KATG live on the air


Dodany: 5 maja 2017


with Kyle Ayers and Andrea Allan – Improper sleep, lying to therapists, and OCD; the marijuana debates; KATG polls

2623: Hymen Seek

Dodany: 4 maja 2017


with Lane Moore – Tinder and dating in 2017; Prince’s rude quirkiness; anxiety vomiting; Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival; Facebook’s shady advertising; 1-800-LAWYERS founder’s abuse; United settles with...

2622: Eracist

Dodany: 3 maja 2017


with Chris Roberti and Joe Schiappa – HBO’s High Maintenance; a traumatizing Big Bird; tattoo shop covers hateful tattoos for free; The Cannibal Cop’s interview with Chris Hansen; ‘thedarkoverlord’...

2621: Finishing School

Dodany: 2 maja 2017


With Luke Mones and Hann Cowger – The burdens of being abnormally tall; romance; party etiquette; Trump on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner; naked comedy; Google Maps destroys lives; Chemda’s...

2620: Ring the Alarm

Dodany: 1 maja 2017


with Charlie Rohrer: Anger issues; gender and suicide; escape rooms; paparazzi; My Name Is Keith’s final episode; Keith’s archenemy; sleep-talking and the excruciating way people set alarms