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Keith and The Girl

3489: Transcendence w/ Dave Ross

Dodany: 14 stycznia 2022

New guest Dave Ross joins Keith and Chemda to discuss the inner workings of Drunk History and him squashing a beef between himself and Marc Maron. Maybe. The gang also discusses starting fights...

3488: 14th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

Dodany: 12 stycznia 2022

The 2021 KATGuh Award Winners

3487: One Day Smarter w/ Emily Winter

Dodany: 10 stycznia 2022

The hilarious and real Emily Winter joins KATG, and the trio discusses death. Just a whole bunch of death. They talk about deadly subway turnstiles and the passing of Bob Saget, Sidney Poitier, and...

3486: I’m Fine w/ Matt Bachus

Dodany: 7 stycznia 2022

Matt Bachus might be out of luck when it comes to love, but he’s not out of luck when it comes to making money money money, and he’s ready to bring back his investing podcast just for KATG! The...

3485: 14th Annual KATGuh Awards

Dodany: 6 stycznia 2022

The 2021 KATGuh Award Nominations

3484: Precedented Times

Dodany: 3 stycznia 2022

Comic icon Betty White has passed away, and we ring in 2022 with an everybody’s dead. Happy New Year! Keith contracted COVID, his dad shares his New Year wish, and Ghislaine Maxwell is wondering...

3483: ENOUGH! w/ Danny Vega

Dodany: 10 grudnia 2021

‘Tis the season! Happy everything to everybody. We’re ending the year with a bang! Danny Vega joins Keith and Chemda to celebrate ending religion, Josh Duggar and Jussie Smollett’s guilty verdicts,...

3482: Apples to Apples w/ Alex Edelman

Dodany: 8 grudnia 2021

Alex Edelman joins KATG for a repeat visit where the gang talks about the burning of NYC’s Fox News Christmas tree, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and meeting truly wondrous people such as...

3481: We Can Laugh About It Now w/ Jackie Kashian

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2021

The great Jackie Kashian returns to KATG to fill us in on the behind-the-scenes parts of the stories she’s told in stand-up over the last 35 years, including her dad and moms, her 5 siblings and...

3480: The Bleachers w/ Calvin Cato

Dodany: 3 grudnia 2021

KATG favorite Calvin Cato joins KATG to help celebrate the latest KATG Kickstarter. IT’S THE FINAL HOURS! Together they discuss a listener’s letter, if Chemda has always been filled with kindness...

3479: Scare Package w/ May Wilkerson

Dodany: 1 grudnia 2021

The totes fa-bu May Wilkerson joins Keith and Chemda as they discuss … Keith having cancer??!!! The gang also talks about Chemda’s parental care package and a listener’s holiday question. The trio...

3478: A Tangled Web

Dodany: 29 listopada 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets are now on sale! And you can’t get them! But there is good news: It’s Chemda’s Birthday Week! We celebrate by discussing the new COVID variant Omicron the Planet...

3477: Doubt It

Dodany: 24 listopada 2021

The hilarious Hannah Boone joins Keith and Chemda to celebrate the Aumaud Arbery verdict, discuss Aaron Rodgers’ Covid Toe, and the new series Dopesick. They discuss Tucker Carlson’s “documentary”...

3476: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Dodany: 23 listopada 2021

The duo is back and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day AND Native American Heritage Day. What a rollercoaster! They also discuss listener hate mail from grown adults, Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense...

3475: Kyle Rittenhouse and Princess Diana Spencer

Dodany: 19 listopada 2021

Keith and Chemda record immediately following Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted of all charges. The duo also discusses Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana movie Spencer. And Keith doesn’t have off next...

3474: C+C Love Factory w/ Casey James Salengo and Courtney McGinnis

Dodany: 18 listopada 2021

Comedian couple Casey James Salengo and Courtney McGinnis join KATG to talk about pegging in the bedroom and pissing on stage. The gang talks about sucking yourself off as well as the Mile High...

3473: What Are Words w/ Kevin Allison

Dodany: 16 listopada 2021

After discussing the most amazing football game ever played, Kevin Allison joins KATG to discuss Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and their poorly-timed W Magazine cover, Borax being used to reverse the...

3472: Vomit Bucket w/ Laurie Kilmartin

Dodany: 12 listopada 2021

Veteran comedian Laurie Kilmartin celebrates her new album Corset with Keith and Chemda. They also discuss the latest KATG tattoo, Chemda’s brother’s interesting family shout-out, and the latest in...

3471: Eternals w/ Lucie Pohl

Dodany: 10 listopada 2021

Paul Rudd is People’s Sexiest Man Alive! Keith lost big when he put his money on it being John Samson, a substitute secretary at an accounting firm that he ran into who was simply gorgeous. Oh...

3470: Armchair Quarterback

Dodany: 8 listopada 2021

Keith and Chemda explain it all. They talk about sex, Daylight Saving Time, and the easiest way to last longer in bed. They also share the news that an edgelord is in charge of running Keith's...