Keith and The Girl

2863: My Opening Line w/ Kevin Allison

Dodany: 17 maja 2018


TRUE open book Kevin Allison shares his origin story and everything that led to The State and the Risk! podcast as he covers the devastating turns that almost derailed everything

2862: Pond Hopping w/ Barry Ferns

Dodany: 16 maja 2018


Stand-up at age 11; The Royal Wedding; top 5 movies including Avengers: Infinity War and A Quiet Place; Bill & Ted 3 is official; Roman Polanski against #MeToo and Charlie Rose up to 27 sexual...

2861: Pear Holder w/ Daniel Shar

Dodany: 15 maja 2018


Living alone; social media and significant others; Mother’s Day and Mom Jeans; Facebook’s dating app; Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s odd renewal; Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon vs. Governor Andrew Cuomo;...

2860: Butt Stuff w/ Johnny Pemberton

Dodany: 13 maja 2018


Colon removal; Johnny's gay dad; meditation and LSD

2859: The Bitter Buddha w/ Eddie Pepitone

Dodany: 10 maja 2018


Absurdism; L.A.'s style vs. NYC's grit; sober Eddie; vapid social media posts; Dr. Doolittle; Eddie's parents; how men and women express feelings; Carnival Cruise Line floods; Gary Busey: Pet...

2858: Ladie’s Love Outlaws w/ Jess Wood

Dodany: 9 maja 2018


Phil Spector; the many deaths in Jess's life; tatttoos; Jess's godfather Squiggy; birth fathers; how to be a great lover; superintendent caught defecating on football field; threesomes

2857: Just Between Us w/ Allison Raskin

Dodany: 8 maja 2018


Bill Cosby’s sentencing; Tom Brokaw accused of sexual assault; your parents paying for your nose job; OCD and mental illness; internet hate; Melania’s absent birthday present

2856: Hysteria w/ Julie Seabaugh

Dodany: 7 maja 2018


27% of KATG’s audience has an eating disorder; freelance journalists; Dane Cook remembered; panic attacks and anxiety; Mitzi Shore’s legacy; Mitch Hedberg’s wife heckles Dave Chappelle; Keith’s...

2855: The Machine w/ Bert Kreischer

Dodany: 2 maja 2018


The #1 Party Animal; weight and sobriety bets; Bert vs. AA; people pleasing and OCD; how not to cure an STD; Bert's gay male porn viewing; how not to raise kids; Michelle Wolf; Avengers: Infinity...

2854: Cool Dad w/ Nick Thune

Dodany: 1 maja 2018


Animalistic urges and being a good father; for the love of drinking; explaining death; Nick's dad; stopping rudeness; how to fix your marriage; Nick's wife

2853: Clown Monday w/ Jeff Meacham

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2018


A blast from the past; kids' parties; moving Diana Ross; bulimia and acting; Black-ish; Bill Cosby found guilty

2852: Never Not Funny w/ Jimmy Pardo

Dodany: 26 kwietnia 2018


Jimmy's wife Danielle Koenig, her father Star Trek's Walter Koenig, and the death of Chekov successor Anton Yelchin; comic Brian Holtzman's amazing stand-up; proof of ghosts; sobriety; bullies then...

2851: MURDER w/ Paul Gilmartin

Dodany: 25 kwietnia 2018


The Mental Illness Happy Hour; growing weed; therapy, feelings on women, and divorce; trauma and sexuality; cop searches man's underwear for weed; substitute teacher starts fight club in class; dating

2850: The Problem with HR w/ Gaby Dunn

Dodany: 24 kwietnia 2018


KATG's #1 Frenemy; sex with bad people; millennials and boundaries; Keith critiques lubrications; non-monogamy; TV sex; how to stay sober; Bad With Money; nudity and social media

2849: Private Joker

Dodany: 19 kwietnia 2018


KATG Polls & secret dimensions; Beirut and The Purge series reviewed; The King of Kong champion destroyed; RIP Mitzi Shore, Harry Anderson, and R. Lee Ermey; geese fall from the sky; NASA’s loose...

2848: KATG Week 2018 w/ Tracey Carnazzo and Andrea Allan

Dodany: 17 kwietnia 2018


Discussing the shows, festivities, and behind-the-scenes of KATG Week

2847: Creep

Dodany: 13 kwietnia 2018


Sumner Redstone’s vulgar way of communication; T.J. Miller arrested by FBI for fake bomb threat; 82-year old multiple subway grinder; unwittingly videotaping a man spiking your drink, What Would...

2846: Fux with This w/ Norlex Belma

Dodany: 12 kwietnia 2018


Child prodigies; Chemda’s recent bullying incident; fat-shamed woman decides to buy all of a bakery’s cupcakes; Netflix and chillin’; teachers; social media tagging and the person you’re dating;...

2845: Lucky You w/ Jessica Michelle Singleton

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2018


A dark family history and a tortured existence; tattoos; sobriety; Tony Robbins’ apology

2844: Crazy Talk w/ Alyssa Limperis and May Wilkerson

Dodany: 10 kwietnia 2018


Mental illness; Talk Stoop’s Cat Greenleaf sues NBCUniversal; Conor McGregor vs. A Bus; to show or not show that you care; Tinder loses people’s matches; Ren & Stimpy creator outted for...