Keith and The Girl

3061: The View

Dodany: 21 kwietnia 2019

Passover, Easter, and Zombie Jesus; Notre-Dame de Paris’s donated $1 billion and France’s poor; Keith’s Easter Miracle; The View: Elizabeth Hasselbeck vs. Barbara Walters; Heckboy reviewed;...

3060: Last Week w/ Bianca Brady and Andrea Allan

Dodany: 20 kwietnia 2019

Keith’s dad; 40-year-old sues parents over thrown out porn collection; KATG Week

3059: Come With Me w/ Rojo Perez and Tone Bell

Dodany: 19 kwietnia 2019

Little; Us and Star Wars Episode IX’s trailer; President Trump and Game of Thrones; Tiger Woods’ comeback; Notre-Dame de Paris burns down; Keith’s dad contacts his ex behind his back

3058: WHAM-O: Slip ‘N Slide w/ Billy Procida

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2019

Officer drunk at breathalyzer training session; fake construction walls to catch vandalism; overhearing a butt-dial about your lover cheating; the Jackson family’s pro-Michael documentary; Billy’s...

3057: Animal Husbandry w/ Will Winner and Patrick Shroeder

Dodany: 10 kwietnia 2019

WrestleMania 35 and Bret Hart’s takedown; Kentucky finally against bestiality

3056: I Love You, Man w/ Hannah Boone and Pranav Behari

Dodany: 9 kwietnia 2019

Weird but True: heteropaternal superfecundation; Beyoncé’s secrets; new love and social media; Chemda’s bat mitzvah; Uri Geller’s magical power over Brexit; David Blaine’s sexual assault claims;...

3055: Baby’s on Fire w/ J.P. McDade

Dodany: 8 kwietnia 2019

Chemda’s brother’s April Fool apology; self-immolation; the future of Google Assistant; Shazam!, Avengers: Endgame, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3; Silent Trailers

3054: Jack and Jill w/ Tracey Carnazzo

Dodany: 5 kwietnia 2019

Witnessing troubled relationships; Chemda will literally light herself on fire; speed dating; trusting men with The Pill

3053: Shazam! w/ Casey James Salengo

Dodany: 4 kwietnia 2019

Movers; white racist angry at Mexican restaurant’s menu; mom births her grandchild; doctors mistakenly give man a circumcision; Shazam! and superhero sex

3052: April Showers

Dodany: 3 kwietnia 2019

Birthdays; working with your lover; April Fools: Chemda vs. Michael Khalili; Speech Impediment: Keith vs. Christian Finnegan; Kevin Doucet; Nipsey Hussle and the AIDS conspiracy; Gwyneth Paltrow...

3051: Wil Cope’s Friend w/ Courtney Maginnis

Dodany: 2 kwietnia 2019

Therapy; KATG Polls; lack of sex; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Def Leppard’s Love Bites; Nicolas Cage’s 4-day marriage; Uber murders

3050: Keith’s Mom Is Dead w/ Conor Delehanty and Andrea Allan

Dodany: 1 kwietnia 2019

April Fools’ Day; Chemda crushes Al-Anon; Jussie Smollett fallout; reminiscing on drunk My Name Is Keith episodes; Walgreens to sell CBD

3049: JUSSIE SMOLLETT IS FREE w/ Usama Siddiquee

Dodany: 28 marca 2019

Sugar mommies and the sexual urge; Jussie Smollett’s dropped charges; Guardian Angels; military canine poll; Facebook and YouTube’s New Zealand shooting video lawsuit; The Pill for men

3048: God Made Me w/ Calvin Cato

Dodany: 27 marca 2019

Captain Marvel, Green Book, and speed dating; God’s plan for you; Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBTQ donations

3047: Well Done w/ Christian Finnegan

Dodany: 27 marca 2019

Ordering food with your significant other; Gronk’s retirement statement; drunk driving, Michael Madsen’s DUI, Mama June’s crack arrest; slipping co-workers LSD; Parkland and Sandy Hook-related...

3046: The Dirt w/ Kyle Ocasio

Dodany: 26 marca 2019

Keith’s girlfriend and dirty talk; military canines and comics; Keith’s Lyft accident; ballet heckling; Mötley Crüe’s biopic; Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s human trafficking-related prostitution...

3045: The Beyhive w/ Wil Cope

Dodany: 24 marca 2019

KATG: Lifesavers; fashion design and what’s hot; Keith and Chemda’s annual dinner; why straight men are offended by gay men; Beyoncé; public masturbation poll results

3044: Bricks w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 23 marca 2019

My Name Is Keith; Chemda's knee surgery updates; NYC working on banning sex crime offenders from the subway; Olivia Jade publically angry at mom Lori Loughlin for damaging her career as an...

3043: Ol' Needle Arms w/ Clint Nohr

Dodany: 22 marca 2019

Sobriety, drunkenness, drugs and Paul Hooper

3042: The Influencers w/ Maddy Smith

Dodany: 20 marca 2019

Hotel rooms; multiple sclerosis and $3,000-a-month medicine; age, media influencers, and the college cheating scandal; School of Rock guitar thief; Warner Bros.' CEO; frustrated school bus drivers