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Keith and The Girl

3606: Fifty-Fifty w/ Myq Kaplan

Dodany: 23 listopada 2022

Comedy thriving yet Silent Trailers losing Myq Kaplan gets us all geared up for the Adventure of Thanksgiving. The gang also discusses the myth of octopuses, The 2022 Dancing with the Stars finale,...

3605: Order Up w/ Rojo Perez

Dodany: 21 listopada 2022

Alongside Chemda and Rojo Perez, Keith Malley—King of Silent Trailers—discusses his latest movie outings. The group also talks about when it’s right to call 911, when it’s right to hit that deli...

3604: Pirate Radio

Dodany: 18 listopada 2022

Keith and Chemda are here to argue Hollywood, Mariah Carey’s claim as the Queen of Christmas, Elon Musk’s success, and what constitutes a pirate.

3603: You’re the Top w/ Ali Kolbert

Dodany: 16 listopada 2022

Ali Kolbert joins KATG to discuss her engagement, gender roles, celebrity sightings as an NBC page, and Donald Trump announcing his 2024 presidential run.

3602: High Score w/ Casey James Salengo

Dodany: 14 listopada 2022

Beloved Casey James Salengo revisits KATG to discuss a VR headset that kills you in real life if you die in a game, Dave Chappelle’s controversial 15-minute SNL monologue regarding anti-Semitism,...

3601: Red Wave w/ Calvin Cato

Dodany: 11 listopada 2022

Everyone’s favorite, Calvin Cato, joins KATG to discuss Veterans Day, the Republican Party pulling away from Donald Trump after his promise of a Red Wave didn’t pan out, and Alex Jones being...

3600: Testify w/ Billy Wayne Davis

Dodany: 9 listopada 2022

Billy Wayne Davis, our foreign correspondent, returns to help discuss voting and the 2022 midterm elections as well as his life, his new special Testify, and DMT. Also, the KATG Kickstarter has...

3599: Parody w/ Carmen Lagala

Dodany: 7 listopada 2022

When asked what Carmen Lagala would like to promote, she typed, “This ASS”. When asked about her credits, she replied, “Colbert I guess?” When asked if there’s any other info we should know: “Was I...

3598: Parts Unknown w/ Carrie Gravenson

Dodany: 4 listopada 2022

Carrie Gravenson returns to help us break down Movember and Keith’s manliness. The trio also discusses Kanye West’s supposed November verbal fast, Kyrie Iriving joining the anit-Semitic...

3597: Lady Journey w/ Sarah Tollemache and Katie Hannigan

Dodany: 2 listopada 2022

Katie Hannigan joins Sarah Tollemache’s return to KATG. The gang discusses What Is Woman, listener Barbi describes side-shitting, and frontrunner Jordin Sparks is shockingly eliminated from Dancing...

3596: Friends in Show Places w/ Gabe Mollica

Dodany: 31 października 2022

KATG is joined by Gabe Mollica who helps dissect what it takes to make and keep friends; Twitter, Elon Musk, and okaying hate speech; and Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, being...

3595: This Is 50 w/ Shalewa Sharpe

Dodany: 29 października 2022

The lovable curmudgeon Shalewa Sharpe rejoins KATG to help discuss Keith’s health diagnosis, Keith vs. Big Chair, and the news, including Elon Musk buying Twitter and firing its upper management...

3594: Doctor Doctor

Dodany: 26 października 2022

Keith and Chemda are here to discuss Keith’s latest health update and every listener separately having the correct diagnosis. The duo also discusses predator poachers, Adidas finally dropping Kanye...

3593: Lookin’ Good w/ Christi Chiello and Hope D!

Dodany: 24 października 2022

Christi Chiello brings her friend Hope D! from The LaughtHER Collective to help discuss comedy equality and inclusion as well as engagement and wedding talk, erotic ghosts, and a judge sentencing...

3592: Food for Thought w/ Nick Vatterott

Dodany: 21 października 2022

Funnyman Nick Vatterott joins KATG to talk comedy and James Corden vs. Keith McNally. Chemda recounts a request at IKEA for Xerxes to fake-kidnap a couple’s child.

3591: Behind the Curtain w/ Sam Evans

Dodany: 19 października 2022

Sam Evans returns! The trio discusses mosquitoes being attracted to beautiful people, Netflix charging you extra for the people you share your account with, and Jada Pinkett Smith’s new book. They...

3590: The Perfect Guest w/ Brother Love and Craig Klein

Dodany: 17 października 2022

Brother Love and Craig Klein join KATG to discuss what Keith is like as a house guest. The gang also discusses Angela Lansbury’s death, Alex Jones’s billion dollar punishment, and Sam Champion’s...

3589: THE ALGORITHM w/ Craig Klein

Dodany: 7 października 2022

It’s Hollywood Craig Klein! Keith, Chemda, and Hollywood discuss not only Keith’s upcoming vacation with Craig, but also your computers’ algorithm, Pres. Biden pardoning over 6,500 people convicted...

3588: Cranky and Laid Back w/ Carrie Gravenson

Dodany: 5 października 2022

Keith’s brother is trying to gaslight Keith over sucking his father’s thumb, and Listener Bananas is trying to gaslight Keith into thinking Call Me by Your Name was a sweet love story and not a...

3587: Weaponized Incompetence w/ Myka Fox and Tim McLaughlin

Dodany: 30 września 2022

It’s another great hang with Myka Fox and Tim McLaughlin! The gang discusses life, love, and the first Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee.