Keith and The Girl

3033: Blackmail Play w/ Billy Procida

Dodany: 5 marca 2019

Chemda's celibacy struggles; three-way interviews and domination play; Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson; Beverly Hills, 90210's Luke Perry's stroke and death; The Prodigy's Keith Flint committed...

3032: Leaving Neverland w/ Carole Montgomery

Dodany: 4 marca 2019

Our troops and civilian war games; living with your family; how to be a safe sex worker; micropenises and marriage; the Vatican's treasurer convicted on 5 counts of child sexual assault; Michael...

3031: #TimeToFuck w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 1 marca 2019

Marathon recovery; Chemda's struggle with celibacy; Robert Kraft's fun with human trafficking; R. Kelly posts bail and violates release terms; 2019 Oscars; the popularity of Harry Potter; Wisconsin...

3030: 2019 24-Hour Marathon: The Beginning w/ Hannah Boone, Casey James Salengo, Sean Patton, Kevin Allison, Myq Kaplan, and Carrie Gravenson

Dodany: 27 lutego 2019

Brody Stevens' suicide; PETA vs. the dead Steve Irwin; R. Kelly; Jessie Smollett; your DNA; subway dragging; Robert Kraft and human trafficking; Chemda's 10-year anniversary; China, Thailand, dirty...

3029: Combat Speed w/ Ben Katzner and Bianca Brady

Dodany: 22 lutego 2019

Keith's military career; adopted by a different race; social media telling you who died; cops play Russian roulette; The New York Times and Whitey Puzzleman's Crossword Hour

3028: Skulduggery w/ Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas

Dodany: 21 lutego 2019

Kevin Doucet; sobriety and weed; Chris's rape; fetishes; physical therapy and social work; Anthony Weiner's halfway house; finding out you're a totally different ethnicity

3027: This Too Shall Pass w/ Lizzy Cassidy

Dodany: 20 lutego 2019

Presidents' Day; 11-year-old arrested for not saying Pledge of Allegiance; Kim Jong-un's edible clothing line; Colin Kaepernick's collusion case settled; criminals call Ubers for crimes; man...

3026: The Adams Family

Dodany: 19 lutego 2019

The Rise of David Assman; Keith, Chemda, and Valentine's Day; Keith, Chuck E. Cheese's, and the new kids; puppies eating sex toys and road rage against an ex; Aunt Chemda's nephew; Dina Lohan to...

3025: Reality Blows w/ Nick Maritato

Dodany: 15 lutego 2019

Weight watchers; facial hair; reality TV; food addiction; video games with your students; El Chapo found guilty

3024: For the Birds w/ Joe Pontillo

Dodany: 13 lutego 2019

Your parents on social media; Dave Assman not allowed his name on his license plate; Joe owns 7 birds; Justin Bieber's celibacy and marriage to Hailey Baldwin; best man speeches

3023: Music to My Ears w/ Shane Mauss

Dodany: 12 lutego 2019

Chemda's spoon collection; Valentine's Day; psychedelics and life lessons; anti-vaxxers; 2019 Grammy Awards

3022: The Flying V w/ Kerryn Feehan

Dodany: 11 lutego 2019

The American Meme; Kerryn's sex and dating life; Ellen Page vs. Chris Pratt; New York Post and SNL; Viggo Mortensen, Liam Neeson, and black people; Virginia's blackface problem and the KKK in...

3021: Get That Nut w/ Patrick Schroeder

Dodany: 8 lutego 2019

The origins of The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly and KATG; being fired from menial jobs and relationships; sex and dirty talk; Chemda and gold-paved streets; healthcare(?); Oscars 2019 will be...

3020: The Good, The Chode, and The Ugly w/ Will Winner

Dodany: 7 lutego 2019

Keith vs. Cindy Adams; OCD tendencies; Riley Reid and emotional attachments; dating age differences; living lie-free; bad breakups, praying hands, and cocaine; Super Bowl fights; Pete Davidson...

3019: Task Rabbit and Other Dating Apps w/ Jessie Jolles

Dodany: 6 lutego 2019

Dating a therapist; what celibacy taught Chemda; men and penis sensitivity; stalking and YOU; Ariana Grande's twice miswritten tattoo; man caught by police through his bragging tweet; how to...

3018: Good Clean Fun

Dodany: 5 lutego 2019

Keith's family history and his amazing singing ability; Keith's friend Richard Marx; man caught on tape faking awkward slip and fall; Super Bowl LIII and Keith's new children; Best Drunk Kevin...

3017: Impractical Jokers w/ Mike Finoia

Dodany: 31 stycznia 2019

Artie Lange, addicts, and family dynamics; psychedelics and anxiety; not living with your spouse; behind-the-scenes of Impractical Jokers; Super Bowl LIII and fantasy football; forgetting the...

3016: The No Fly List w/ Atheer Yacoub

Dodany: 30 stycznia 2019

Middle Easterners and America; Chemda's Uber driver; banning upskirt photos; man defends masturbating saying he was simply scratching crabs; To Catch a Predator host's law troubles; DMX out of...

3015: Don’t Like w/ Ashley Brooke Roberts

Dodany: 29 stycznia 2019

Commercial acting; keeping up with models; family drama and alcohol; Chemda's ex-husband oddly comments on her social media; Chemda's mobility

3014: 11th Annual KATGuh Award Winners w/ Hannah Boone

Dodany: 28 stycznia 2019

The 2018 KATGuh Awards Ceremony, Keith's amazing musical awareness, Chemda's new porn star friend, and how to survive a government shutdown