Keith and The Girl

2954: Venom w/ Hannah Boone

Dodany: 10 października 2018

New Orleans; unwanted house guests; a history of drugs; Banksy's self-shredding art; Venom and A Star Is Born reviewed

2953: Be Aggressive w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 9 października 2018

Podcast sound quality; Bert Kreischer's Something's Burning; The Situation gets 8 months in jail; Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court; Christopher Columbus; Louis C.K. performs at...

2952: Psychedelics w/ Shane Mauss

Dodany: 6 października 2018

Behavioral science; JUUL vape pens; psychedelics and the psychiatric ward

2951: Presidential Alert w/ Samantha Ruddy

Dodany: 5 października 2018

Late night stand-up tapings; dating an older person; Ruby Rose plays openly gay Batwoman; woman wins Nobel Prize; Chemda and Samantha's tattoos; KATG Poll Results; man ruins his vision with liquid...

2950: Raw Dog w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 4 października 2018

Israel and siestas; Tom Cruise's history of running; couple almost dies from surprise engagement; Louis C.K. surprise-returned to the Comedy Cellar; suicide aftercare; Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme...

2949: Take the Pill w/ Carrie Gravenson

Dodany: 3 października 2018

Camping; International Podcasting Day; Jimmy Carter, 94; Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court job interview

2948: Sounding Off w/ Shelton Lindsay and Robin Virginie

Dodany: 28 września 2018

Being flamboyantly gay in public; the feelings of physical objects; Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison; Brett Kavanaugh's female supporters; how to properly heckle; sounding

2947: 2 Days Sober w/ Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis

Dodany: 27 września 2018

Always running late; spending thousands on weddings; testing sobriety; having children

2944: Keith Goes to the Ballet w/ Bryan McKenna

Dodany: 24 września 2018

Gilbert Gottfried's roast; cocaine in Catholic school; congressman Paul Gosar's family votes for his opponent; Myq Kaplan's Yom Kippur mass email; Bert and Ernie; Cleveland Browns' win; ballet;...

2942: The Good Fight w/ Mehran Khaghani

Dodany: 20 września 2018

The dating scene then and now; Keith takes poppers; Keith & Mehran; token gay friends; Mehran's drinking and nose surgery; self-sabotage; 2018 Emmy Awards; feminism throughout history; Julie Chen...

2940: Good Cops w/ John Murray

Dodany: 18 września 2018

KATG's Good Cop/Bad Cop Dynamic; loving Bruce Springsteen; crazy parental deaths; in vitro fertilisation; Spider-Man PS4's rainbow flag; The Predator and The Nun reviewed; sperm from your favorite...

2939: Nike & Colin Kaepernick w/ Liz Miele and Calvin Cato

Dodany: 17 września 2018

Keith's girlfriend's friends; Kellogg's' sexist slogans; Runner's World high; how your porn is racist; Senator John McCain, RIP; Your President, Nike, Kaepernick, and the Black Lives Matter movement

2938: Louis C.K. Returns w/ Andrea Allan

Dodany: 14 września 2018

Norm McDonald defends Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr; Louis' return to stand-up and the public's reaction; #MeToo; the sexual allegations against CBS CEO Les Moonves

2937: Swim Fan w/ Matthew Broussard

Dodany: 14 września 2018

Being a fan of swimming; becoming a comic; comedians navigating social media; listener cheats, lies, and wants happiness

2936: Keith’s New Fiancée w/ Kyle Ocasio

Dodany: 13 września 2018

Keith's new relationship; firing employees; dating Keith; Keith's family; dementia, night terrors, and fatherly advice

2935: Silent Treatment w/ Rojo Perez

Dodany: 11 września 2018

The fate of the 9/11 terrorists; Vipassana: Chemda's 10-day silent retreat; when it's okay to break a broom over your son's back

2934: Amor, Risas, y Pablo Escobar w/ Luisa Díez

Dodany: 6 września 2018

Comedy in different cities; working for Pablo Escobar; having 3 husbands, all dead; IDing bodies for the 9/11 Museum; dating strategies and negotiating boundaries

2933: Horny and Hopeful w/ Jenna Marucci

Dodany: 5 września 2018

The so-called amazing body; adult virgins; Planned Parenthood's STD tests

2932: Relationship Escalator w/ Carmen Lagala

Dodany: 4 września 2018

Location dyslexia; not living with your lover; Keith's knee pain and the opioid epidemic; hospital security guard has sex with corpse; Carmen's dad's 3 marriages; reading negative comments; male...

2931: CHRISTIanity w/ Christi Chiello

Dodany: 30 sierpnia 2018

Pretending to love football; The New Christianity; The Journal of Sex Research's new findings; The Silent Retreat Rules