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side rzeczownik

rzeczownik + side
Kolokacji: 235
West Side • East Side • South Side • North Side • passenger side • ocean side • business side • B side • hand side • home side • ...
side + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 117
side effect • side street • side dish • side window • side entrance • side panel • side pocket • side door • side trip • side wall • side table • ...
side + czasownik
Kolokacji: 224
side agrees • side claims • side facing • side wins • side shows • side tries • side meets • side loses • side reaches • side wants • ...
czasownik + side
Kolokacji: 465
switch sides • choose sides • stand side • take sides • work side • change sides • lie on one's side • live on the Upper Side • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. switch sides = strony zmiany switch sides
2. choose sides = opowiadać się po czyjejś stronie, wybierać stronę (w konflikcie) choose sides
3. stand side = stojak strona stand side
4. take sides = zajmować stanowisko, opowiadać się take sides
5. work side = strona robocza work side
6. change sides = zmieniać front (np. w polityce) change sides
10. get on one's side = kontynuować czyjś strona get on one's side
12. sit by side = usiądź obok strony sit by side
13. leave one's side = wychodzić czyjś strona leave one's side
15. come to one's side = ocknąć się czyjś strona come to one's side
18. return to one's side = wracać czyjś strona return to one's side
20. fall to one's side = zabierać się czyjś strona fall to one's side
21. swing to side = drgnięcie do strony swing to side
22. make for the side = skieruj się ku stronie make for the side
23. hang at one's side = zawieszać przy czyjś strona hang at one's side
24. sit at one's side = siadać czyjś strona sit at one's side
25. hear one's side = słyszeć czyjś strona hear one's side
26. rush to one's side = pośpiech aby czyjś strona rush to one's side
27. walk by side = spacer przez stronę walk by side
28. work by side = praca przez stronę work by side
29. tell one's side = mówić czyjś strona tell one's side
31. move on the side = rusz się na boku move on the side
32. shake to side = potrząśnij do strony shake to side
33. give one's side = dawać czyjś strona give one's side
34. turn on one's side = włączać się czyjś strona turn on one's side
35. turn on one's side = włączać się czyjś strona turn on one's side
37. throw to one side = rzut do jednej strony throw to one side
40. appear at one's side = pojawiać się przy czyjś strona appear at one's side
41. hold one's side = trzymać czyjś strona hold one's side
42. roll onto one's side = rolka na czyjś strona roll onto one's side
43. add to the side = zwiększ stronę add to the side
44. keep one's side = trzymać czyjś strona keep one's side
45. add on the side = dodaj na boku add on the side
46. lay by side = odłóż stronę lay by side
47. sway to side = kołysanie do strony sway to side
48. fight by side = walka przez stronę fight by side
49. glance to side = spojrzenie do strony glance to side
50. present one's side = przedstawiać czyjś strona present one's side
51. fight side = walka strona fight side
52. hold on the side = trzymaj na boku hold on the side
53. hear on the side = słysz na boku hear on the side
54. place side = miejsce strona place side
55. put a side = połóż stronę put a side
  • I have never had the chance to put properly my side of the story.
  • They are quite right to put their side of the case so that we can reply to it.
  • As the crisis developed he was keen to put his side of the story to the country.
  • Let me put a different side to responsibility then.
  • Saunders, now at Villa, has yet to put his side of the case.
  • West Ham put a strong side out and we gave a good account of ourselves.
  • Greg Owens missed another chance to put his side ahead but headed wide from 3 yards.
  • He is one of those players who is able to make ground and put his side on the front foot, even with slow, static ball.
  • She shifted position, turning half-around on the floor so as to put her left side toward the porch.
  • I turned, putting my left side to him.
57. lay side = laicka strona lay side
59. live by side = żyj przez stronę live by side
60. reach on the side = dojdź na boku reach on the side
61. live on the Upper Side = żyj na stronie wierzchniej live on the Upper Side
62. grow up on the Upper Side = urośnij na stronie wierzchniej grow up on the Upper Side
64. drive on the side = prowadź na boku drive on the side
65. help one's side = pomoc czyjś strona help one's side
66. exist by side = istniej przez stronę exist by side
67. bound on several sides = poruszaj się lekko na kilku stronach bound on several sides
68. play in the side = zagraj w stronie play in the side
69. line both sides = linia obie strony line both sides
70. hurry to one's side = pośpiech aby czyjś strona hurry to one's side
71. join on the side = dołącz na boku join on the side
72. win side = zwycięstwo strona win side
73. hold at one's side = trzymać przy czyjś strona hold at one's side
75. rock to side = kamień do strony rock to side
76. swing from side = drgnięcie ze strony swing from side
77. rest on one's side = reszta na czyjś strona rest on one's side
78. construct on the side = skonstruuj na boku construct on the side
79. stand off to one side = utknij w martwym punkcie do jednej strony stand off to one side
80. emerge on the side = pojaw się na boku emerge on the side
81. stay by one's side = zostawać przez czyjś strona stay by one's side
82. walk at one's side = spacer przy czyjś strona walk at one's side
84. call on the side = nazwij dodatkowy call on the side
85. sway from side = kołysanie ze strony sway from side
86. get from the side = dostań od strony get from the side
87. roll on one's side = rolka na czyjś strona roll on one's side
89. extend on the side = poszerz na boku extend on the side
90. press to one's side = prasa aby czyjś strona press to one's side
91. create on the side = stwórz na boku create on the side
92. cut side = cięcie strona cut side
94. include the side = obejmuj stronę include the side
95. shake from side = strząśnij ze strony shake from side
96. lie by side = kłamstwo przez stronę lie by side
97. side is covered = strona jest przykryta side is covered
99. turn from side = kolej ze strony turn from side
przymiotnik + side
Kolokacji: 399
right side • left side • opposite side • far side • eastern side • dark side • wrong side • bright side • right-hand side • positive side • ...
przyimek + side
Kolokacji: 38
per side • by side • at one's side • onto one's side • close to one's side • ...

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