"round" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

round rzeczownik

rzeczownik + round
Kolokacji: 60
opening round • round of the NFL Draft • round of the FA Cup • round of the World Championship • round of the season • ...
round + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 8
Round Lake • Round Hill • Round Midnight • round trip • Round Mountain • ...
round + czasownik
Kolokacji: 46
round begins • round takes • round goes • round ends • round starts • ...
czasownik + round
Kolokacji: 129
draft in the round • select in the round • eliminate in the round • defeat in the round • win the round • win in the round • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 41
2. select in the round = wybierz w rundzie select in the round
6. win in the round = wygraj w rundzie win in the round
8. qualify for the round = miej kwalifikacje do rundy qualify for the round
11. make to the round = zrób do rundy make to the round
12. make in the round = zrób w rundzie make in the round
14. come in the round = wejdź do rundy come in the round
15. stop in the round = zatrzymaj się w rundzie stop in the round
19. enter the round = wejdź do rundy enter the round
20. choose in the round = wybierz w rundzie choose in the round
22. face in the round = twarz w rundzie face in the round
24. pick in the round = wydłub w rundzie pick in the round
25. receive to the round = otrzymaj do rundy receive to the round
26. meet in the round = spotkaj w rundzie meet in the round
  • Four years later, he took an American team, half of whose players had no professional experience, and also made the second round.
  • But the Americans have been playing well enough to at least dream of making the second round.
  • Two schools of thought are making their rounds on the matter.
  • But he has to wait until the light of day to make his rounds.
  • Now and then, father would take me along when he made his rounds.
  • The team went 1-1-1 and failed to make the second round.
  • By the time he had made the rounds, the ten minutes were gone.
  • "Right now I want you to make the rounds and tell everyone what happened."
  • I'm going to make the rounds and see if I can find him.
  • She had her first child by me, is now making the rounds of our family, more or less.
30. go in the round = pójdź w rundzie go in the round
31. lose the round = przegraj rundę lose the round
34. shoot in the round = postrzel się w rundę shoot in the round
36. lead to the round = poprowadź do rundy lead to the round
37. carry several rounds = prowadź kilka rund carry several rounds
38. sweep in the round = zamiatanie w rundzie sweep in the round
39. host the round = bądź gospodarzem rundy host the round
40. survive the round = przeżyj rundę survive the round
przymiotnik + round
Kolokacji: 95
final round • new round • preliminary round • late round • early round • current round • previous round • later round • daily round • ...
przyimek + round
Kolokacji: 23
between rounds • with several rounds • over several rounds • until the round • through several rounds • ...

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