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recall czasownik

recall + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 62
recall memories • recall one's name • recall one's words • recall one's life • recall one's experience • recall one's childhood • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
  • The ability to recall good memories can help them remember what they do have to be happy about.
  • At the ceremony, music is played which recalls memories for all about the Doctor.
  • It is an overview of a person's life to help them recall memories and understand their past.
  • In general, you're recalling memories I think, and that's the only thing that interested me about writing.
  • The haunted look returned to the man's eyes as he recalled memories from long ago.
  • Having the ability to recall memories does not necessarily mean they are accurate.
  • She's naked, too, and that recalls very pleasant memories of a few hours earlier.
  • The name recalled painful memories and he said, "She was the soul of the west."
  • So I wrote to her to recall pleasant memories of the old prairie days.
  • Our wish is that it will enable you better to recall and enjoy your own memories.
3. recall one's words = przypominać sobie czyjś słowa recall one's words
4. recall one's life = przypominać sobie czyjś życie recall one's life
6. recall one's childhood = przypominać sobie czyjś dzieciństwo recall one's childhood
7. recall one's meeting = przypominać sobie czyjś spotkanie recall one's meeting
10. recall one's ambassador = przypominać sobie czyjś ambasador recall one's ambassador
11. recall one's visit = przypominać sobie czyjś wizyta recall one's visit
12. recall the details = przypomnij sobie szczegóły recall the details
13. recall the events = przypomnij sobie wydarzenia recall the events
14. recall the days = przypomnij sobie dni recall the days
15. recall the moment = przypomnij sobie moment recall the moment
16. recall things = rzeczy pamięci recall things
18. recall the story = przypomnij sobie historia recall the story
19. recall images = pamięć obrazy recall images
20. recall one's face = przypominać sobie czyjś twarz recall one's face
21. recall one's encounter = przypominać sobie czyjś spotkanie recall one's encounter
22. recall one's reaction = przypominać sobie czyjś reakcja recall one's reaction
czasownik + recall
Kolokacji: 6
try to recall • seem to recall • ask to recall • help recalling • prompt to recall • ...
recall + przyimek
Kolokacji: 27
recall during • recall from • recall with • recall after • recall by • ...
recall + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 51
later recall • vividly recall • fondly recall • once recall • suddenly recall • ...

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