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"reason" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

reason rzeczownik

rzeczownik + reason
Kolokacji: 20
security reason • safety reason • health reason • sponsorship reason • business reason • family reason • ...
reason + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 5
reason people • Reason magazine • Reason Foundation • reason woman • reason Inflammation
reason + czasownik
Kolokacji: 52
reason includes • reason seems • reason says • reason makes • reason goes • reason cites • reason comes • reason lies • reason tells • ...
czasownik + reason
Kolokacji: 120
cite reasons • offer reasons • review for any reason • go for reasons • know for sponsorship reasons • suggest reasons • show reason • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 40
  • Citing personal reasons, he left the team with a 10-9 record.
  • He seemed to back away from the campaign some time ago, citing personal reasons.
  • He came to one practice and left the team, citing personal reasons.
  • Another reason cited is probably the distance between the two.
  • A fair question would also have cited reasons not to wait.
  • This was one of the main reasons cited by the club for moving to a new ground.
  • He gave no reason for his leaving other than citing "personal reasons".
  • The president has cited other reasons for not acting, including costs.
  • The reason most often cited by doctors is that the patients have nothing to lose.
  • One reason cited by market analysts is simply that Americans have more room.
3. review for any reason = przegląd z jakiegokolwiek powodu review for any reason
5. know for sponsorship reasons = wiedz dla powodów sponsorowania know for sponsorship reasons
6. suggest reasons = zasugeruj powody suggest reasons
7. show reason = powód widowiska show reason
8. lose one's reason = przegrywać czyjś powód lose one's reason
9. close for reasons = blisko dla powodów close for reasons
11. resign for reasons = zrezygnuj dla powodów resign for reasons
13. look for reasons = poszukaj powodów look for reasons
14. use reason = powód wykorzystania use reason
15. keep for reasons = trzymaj na powody keep for reasons
18. cancel for reasons = odwołaj dla powodów cancel for reasons
22. need a reason = potrzebuj powodu need a reason
24. choose for reasons = wybierz dla powodów choose for reasons
25. get for reasons = dostań za powody get for reasons
28. take for reasons = weź dla powodów take for reasons
30. use for reasons = wykorzystanie do powodów use for reasons
32. lose for reasons = przegraj dla powodów lose for reasons
36. remove for reasons = usuń dla powodów remove for reasons
38. hear one's reasons = słyszeć czyjś powody hear one's reasons
39. reason related = powód dotyczył reason related
przymiotnik + reason
Kolokacji: 307
good reason • main reason • only reason • real reason • unknown reason • different reason • major reason • obvious reason • ...
przyimek + reason
Kolokacji: 23
beyond reason • within reason • without reason • for reasons • at one's Reasons • ...

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