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"pitch" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

pitch rzeczownik

rzeczownik + pitch
Kolokacji: 35
sales pitch • fever pitch • cricket pitch • football pitch • pitch of one's voice • ...
pitch + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 33
pitch count • pitch darkness • pitch blackness • pitch invasion • pitch control • ...
pitch + czasownik
Kolokacji: 17
pitch goes • pitch comes • hit by a pitch • pitch rises • pitch sails • ...
czasownik + pitch
Kolokacji: 39
throw several pitches • throw out the pitch • pitch is used • foul off several pitches • make a pitch • hit a pitch • ...
przymiotnik + pitch
Kolokacji: 89
wild pitch • high pitch • perfect pitch • good pitch • bad pitch • low pitch • different pitch • new pitch • off-speed pitch • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 12
1. wild pitch = źle narzucona piłka przez miotacza (w baseballu) wild pitch
2. high pitch = wysokie boisko high pitch
3. perfect pitch = słuch absolutny perfect pitch
4. good pitch = dobry ton good pitch
5. bad pitch = kiepski ton bad pitch
6. low pitch = diapazon normalny (kamerton nastrojony na częstotliwość 435,4 Hz) low pitch
7. different pitch = inne boisko different pitch
8. new pitch = nowy ton new pitch
9. off-speed pitch = piłka rzucona wolno, podczas gdy pałkarz spodziewał się szybkiej piłki (w baseballu) off-speed pitch
10. best pitch = najlepszy ton best pitch
11. final pitch = ostatnie boisko final pitch
12. steep pitch = gwałtowny ton steep pitch
  • A word of caution: working on any roof can be dangerous, especially if it has a steep pitch.
  • Do not try to work from a roof with a steep pitch.
  • The steep pitch of the roof would make navigating hazardous.
  • Ground with a steep pitch is subject to erosion, and it can be difficult to maintain.
  • Coming over the top of the third and last steep pitch, she skidded violently to the outside.
  • The roof has a steep pitch suggestive of traditional Chinese architecture.
  • He took a deep breath and went up the last steep pitch in a spurt of speed that surprised himself.
  • Do not attempt to work from a roof that has a steep pitch.
  • The top parts are particularly gentle, with some steeper pitches lower down.
  • Climbing onto a high roof can be dangerous, especially if it has a steep pitch.
przyimek + pitch
Kolokacji: 14
inside PITCH • in pitch • of pitch • after several pitches • with a pitch • ...

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