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physics rzeczownik

rzeczownik + physics
Kolokacji: 23
particle physics • quantum physics • plasma physics • matter physics • state physics • ...
physics + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 42
physics department • physics professor • physics teacher • physics laboratory • physics student • ...
czasownik + physics
Kolokacji: 20
study physics • teach physics • earn in physics • receive in physics • include physics • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 5
  • He has been teaching physics in high schools over 30 years.
  • Did you teach yourself nuclear physics, or just make it all up?
  • In 1926 he became a full professor, and was teaching introductory physics.
  • My husband taught physics and chemistry al his working life.
  • I also taught physics and math there for five years.
  • He taught physics for a year before becoming interest in the legal profession.
  • I would like to teach physics at a secondary school, but am not prepared to give up my own career to do it.
  • He taught history, mathematics, and physics over his thirty years of service as a teacher.
  • The program uses sports to teach physics, general science and math.
  • The department also teaches fundamental physics to over one thousand students each year.
4. receive in physics = otrzymaj w fizyce receive in physics
przymiotnik + physics
Kolokacji: 44
theoretical physics • nuclear physics • mathematical physics • modern physics • experimental physics • atomic physics • ...
przyimek + physics
Kolokacji: 12
in physics • of physics • from physics • for physics • to physics • ...

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