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"own" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

own czasownik

own + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 132
own property • own shares • own stock • own slaves • own newspapers • own hotels • own stations • own part • own estate • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 47
3. own stock = posiadaj towar own stock
  • They are often used by Americans to own stock in foreign companies.
  • New employees would have to wait three years before they could own stock.
  • If this kept on nothing else would be able to figure out who owned how much stock in what.
  • But it would be a lot better if all companies required directors to own stock.
  • Employees who own stock in their company may be more motivated to do a good job.
  • He owns stock that is now worth about $160 million.
  • If you own stocks, taking a summer vacation may be a bad idea.
  • Right now, the fund owns stock in just 20 companies.
  • Owens did not say how much stock its management could eventually own.
  • Even people who own stock said the market's wild activity would not affect them a great deal.
5. own slaves = posiadaj niewolników own slaves
8. own part = posiadaj część own part
9. own estate = posiadaj majątek own estate
12. own a United copyright = posiadaj zjednoczone prawo autorskie own a United copyright
13. own several acres = posiadaj kilka szmatu own several acres
14. own banks = posiadaj banki own banks
15. own this song = posiadaj tę piosenkę own this song
16. own agencies = posiadaj agencje own agencies
17. own a gun = posiadaj broń own a gun
21. own a piece = posiadaj kawałek own a piece
23. own a car = posiadaj samochód own a car
25. own a farm = posiadaj gospodarstwo own a farm
31. own a shop = posiadaj sklep own a shop
32. own a chain = posiadaj łańcuch own a chain
34. own the place = posiadaj miejsce own the place
36. own the team = posiadaj zespół own the team
37. own a number = posiadaj liczbę own a number
38. own brands = własne marki own brands
39. own assets = posiadaj aktywa own assets
40. own mines = posiadaj kopalnie own mines
41. own tracts = posiadaj obszary own tracts
42. own the site = posiadaj miejsce own the site
43. own facilities = posiadaj obiekty own facilities
44. own subsidiaries = posiadaj jednostki zależne own subsidiaries
45. own things = posiadaj rzeczy own things
46. own firearms = posiadaj broń palną own firearms
czasownik + own
Kolokacji: 10
want to own • continue to own • use to own • allowed to own • end up owning • ...
own + przyimek
Kolokacji: 36
owned by • own up • owned since • own until • own in • ...
own + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 70
privately owned • wholly owned • once owned • jointly owned • publicly owned • originally owned • formerly owned • partly owned • ...

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