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manual przymiotnik

manual + rzeczownik
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manual labor • manual transmission • manual control • manual worker • manual typewriter • ...
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1. manual labor = praca fizyczna manual labor
3. manual control = sterowanie ręczne manual control
4. manual worker = pracownik fizyczny manual worker
5. manual typewriter = ręczna maszyna do pisania manual typewriter
6. manual dexterity = zręczność, zdolności manualne manual dexterity
  • She completely gave up on doing anything that required a lot of manual dexterity.
  • "However, I have noticed a slight loss in my manual dexterity."
  • They were slower to learn than humans, but the manual dexterity was there.
  • It is all really a matter of manual dexterity and self-confidence.
  • Now, there are only a few animals that have any manual dexterity, and we've used them all at one time or another.
  • Ideas and ways of living are more important than manual dexterity.
  • But women have better balance, manual dexterity, flexibility and coordination than men.
  • Following surgery in 1979, she lost much of her manual dexterity and produced only a few more pieces afterwards.
  • "Children under 12 do not have the manual dexterity to use them."
  • As their manual dexterity develops, they will start to do it themselves.
7. manual work = praca fizyczna manual work
8. manual laborer = fizyczny robotnik manual laborer
9. manual recount = ręczny opisywać manual recount

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