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"jointly" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

jointly przysłówek

czasownik + jointly
Kolokacji: 110
jointly owned • jointly developed • jointly operated • held jointly • jointly run • jointly sponsored • jointly organized • jointly produced • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
1. jointly owned = wspólnie posiadać jointly owned
  • AN example would be a couple who jointly owned a house worth $800,000.
  • Thus one art collection was jointly owned by several men.
  • The practice is a trust, jointly owned by its staff.
  • The family home was owned jointly by the two younger brothers and their late mother.
  • That deal would have given the phone company a greater stake in the systems they jointly owned.
  • and Svedka will jointly own the rights to the stories.
  • The plan would have seen the two clubs form a jointly owned company to buy the stadium from Teachers.
  • You don't happen to jointly own any property, do you?
  • These networks are owned jointly by the participating financial institutions.
  • Instead, they had to enter into jointly owned enterprises with Japanese companies.
3. jointly operated = wspólnie obsługiwać jointly operated
4. held jointly = trzymany wspólnie held jointly
5. jointly run = wspólnie pobiec jointly run
8. jointly produced = wspólnie wyprodukować jointly produced
10. jointly funded = wspólnie sfinansować jointly funded
12. jointly managed = wspólnie zarządzać jointly managed
13. work jointly = pracuj wspólnie work jointly
14. jointly awarded = wspólnie przyznać jointly awarded
15. file jointly = złóż wspólnie file jointly
16. rule jointly = zasada wspólnie rule jointly
17. written jointly = napisany wspólnie written jointly
18. conducted jointly = zaprowadzony wspólnie conducted jointly
19. jointly financed = wspólnie sfinansować jointly financed
21. issue jointly = kwestia wspólnie issue jointly

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