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isolation rzeczownik

rzeczownik + isolation
Kolokacji: 3
RNA isolation • virus isolation • vibration isolation
isolation + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 12
isolation Ward • isolation cell • isolation chamber • isolation room • isolation booth • ...
isolation + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
isolation makes • isolation leads • isolation causes • isolation means • isolation results • ...
czasownik + isolation
Kolokacji: 17
live in isolation • end one's isolation • reduce isolation • face isolation • experience isolation • ...
przymiotnik + isolation
Kolokacji: 43
relative isolation • social isolation • international isolation • splendid isolation • political isolation • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 11
1. relative isolation = względna izolacja relative isolation
2. social isolation = izolacja społeczna, wykluczenie społeczne social isolation
3. international isolation = międzynarodowa izolacja international isolation
4. splendid isolation = splendid isolation (polityka izolowania się od spraw europejskich prowadzona przez Wielka Brytanię pod koniec XIX wieku) splendid isolation
5. political isolation = izolacja polityczna political isolation
7. diplomatic isolation = dyplomatyczna izolacja diplomatic isolation
  • Now, the debate is over how much damage has been done, and why efforts to end 55 years of diplomatic isolation have again gone wrong.
  • The League must also continue to exert pressure through economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation.
  • And the request for help is yet another indicator of Iran's desire to end its diplomatic isolation.
  • In fact, diplomatic isolation seems to make Taipei all the more attentive to outside opinion.
  • Their presence was seen as a small but potentially significant attempt by Iraq to end its diplomatic isolation.
  • And those consequences will be diplomatic isolation from the rest of the world.
  • In both countries, the results have been economic decline and diplomatic isolation.
  • The current Palestinian government has faced crippling diplomatic and financial isolation.
  • Diplomats said the island was facing international economic and diplomatic isolation as a result.
  • Iran also is feeling a deepening sense of diplomatic isolation, officials said.
8. economic isolation = gospodarcza izolacja economic isolation
9. total isolation = całkowita izolacja total isolation
10. complete isolation = całkowita izolacja complete isolation
11. geographical isolation = geograficzna izolacja geographical isolation
przyimek + isolation
Kolokacji: 17
in isolation • of isolation • to isolation • for isolation • from isolation • ...

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