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home rzeczownik

rzeczownik + home
Kolokacji: 112
nursing home • vacation home • childhood home • group home • summer home • London home • country home • family home • ...
home + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 351
home game • home run • home base • home page • home plate • home video • home computer • Home Depot • home buyer • ...
home + czasownik
Kolokacji: 70
home runs • home sells • home stands • home runs off • home uses • ...
czasownik + home
Kolokacji: 365
home run • nurse homes • swap homes • design homes • include homes • die at one's home • return to one's home • make one's home • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. home run = bieg domowy home run
2. nurse homes = domy pielęgniarki nurse homes
3. swap homes = domy zamiany swap homes
14. say from one's home = mówić z czyjś dom say from one's home
15. move to one's home = przeprowadzać się czyjś dom move to one's home
17. move into one's home = ruszać się do czyjś dom move into one's home
20. find in one's home = znajdować czyjś dom find in one's home
23. come to one's home = ocknąć się czyjś dom come to one's home
25. arrive at one's home = przybywać czyjś dom arrive at one's home
31. search one's home = poszukiwania czyjś dom search one's home
32. reach at one's home = zasięg przy czyjś dom reach at one's home
33. move from one's home = przejść czyjś dom move from one's home
34. open one's home = otwierać czyjś dom open one's home
35. bring to one's home = zabierać czyjś dom bring to one's home
36. break into one's home = włamywać się czyjś dom break into one's home
37. invite to one's home = zapraszać czyjś dom invite to one's home
39. hold at one's home = trzymać przy czyjś dom hold at one's home
41. arrest at one's home = aresztowanie przy czyjś dom arrest at one's home
42. visit at one's home = wizyta przy czyjś dom visit at one's home
44. meet at one's home = spotykać się czyjś dom meet at one's home
45. take one's home = brać czyjś dom take one's home
49. home known = dom znany home known
50. drive to one's home = jazda aby czyjś dom drive to one's home
55. travel from one's home = podróż z czyjś dom travel from one's home
56. hold in one's home = ukrywać czyjś dom hold in one's home
57. make out of one's home = robić na zewnątrz czyjś dom make out of one's home
58. grow up in a home = urośnij w domu grow up in a home
59. pass homes = domy przepustki pass homes
63. run from one's home = kursowany czyjś dom run from one's home
64. officiate at the home = przewodnicz domowi officiate at the home
66. keep in one's home = trzymać się lewej strony drogi czyjś dom keep in one's home
67. test homes = domy testu test homes
68. spend in one's home = wydawać w czyjś dom spend in one's home
69. say at one's home = mówić przy czyjś dom say at one's home
72. sit at home = siedź w domu sit at home
73. speak from one's home = mówić z czyjś dom speak from one's home
75. feel at home = zadomowić się, rozgościć się feel at home
77. head for home = głowa dla domu head for home
78. educate at home = wykształć w domu educate at home
82. feel like home = być prawie jak w domu, czuć się dobrze feel like home
84. represent several homes = reprezentuj kilka domów represent several homes
85. play at home = grać na swoim boisku, grać u siebie play at home
86. work from home = pracować z domu, pracować zdalnie work from home
  • How much money will I have to come up with to buy a home?
  • He'd never be able to buy a home, at least not one to live in.
  • My husband and I finally were able to buy a home last summer.
  • They are to take their money to buy a new home and not give them the baby.
  • Where should you start when you're looking to buy your first home?
  • But last fall he decided the time had come to buy his own home.
  • Is it possible for us to buy a home at this time?
  • The family then bought a new home for itself, half the size.
  • How long will it be before I buy or build my first fine home?
  • But today he makes his money when people buy homes.
91. begin at home = zacznij w domu begin at home
94. lose at home = przegraj w domu lose at home
95. win at home = wygraj w domu win at home
96. speak at home = mów w domu speak at home
99. get to one's home = dochodzić czyjś dom get to one's home
przymiotnik + home
Kolokacji: 299
historic home • permanent home • single-family home • ancestral home • foster home • mobile home • stately home • ...
przyimek + home
Kolokacji: 41
at home • toward home • for home • including homes • of homes • ...

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