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"goal" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

goal rzeczownik

rzeczownik + goal
Kolokacji: 98
field goal • career goal • policy goal • NHL goal • league goal • opening goal • design goal • development goal • ...
goal + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 31
goal line • goal scorer • goal post • goal tally • goal difference • field goal attempt • goal average • field goal percentage • ...
goal + czasownik
Kolokacji: 75
goal scores • goal includes • goal assists • goal gives • goal comes • goal wins • goal helps • goal makes • goal leaves • goal puts • ...
czasownik + goal
Kolokacji: 184
set goals • pursue goals • score several goals • achieve one's goal • reach one's goal • meet one's goal • accomplish one's goal • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 61
1. set goals = ustalać cele, wyznaczać cele set goals
  • The thing about him is he's got energy and goals.
  • "But sometimes you need to get a goal to break through."
  • Every time they got a goal so early, it hurt.
  • It happens when you've got a common goal for a while.
  • He got his 10th goal of the season with a rush up the right side behind the defense.
  • To put pressure on teams, you have to go forward and get goals.
  • The Rangers got their next goal on the power play.
  • Dallas then took control of the game, getting three goals in the third period.
  • He finished the 2004-05 season with the club, getting six goals and 14 points in 27 games.
  • We got our second goal too late to run up the score that might have been available to us,' said the national coach.
14. give up several goals = wydaj kilka celów give up several goals
16. lead with several goals = zaprowadź z kilkoma celami lead with several goals
21. end with several goals = koniec z kilkoma celami end with several goals
22. score with several goals = wynik z kilkoma golami score with several goals
23. manage several goals = zarządzaj kilkoma celami manage several goals
24. record several goals = zapisz kilka celów record several goals
27. lead in goals = zaprowadź w celach lead in goals
29. settle for a field goal = zadowól się punktami zdobyte strzałem na bramkę settle for a field goal
30. produce several goals = opracuj kilka celów produce several goals
33. win field goal = zwycięstwo punkty zdobyte strzałem na bramkę win field goal
34. describe one's goal = opisywać czyjś cel describe one's goal
36. see one's goal = widzieć czyjś cel see one's goal
38. create goals = stwórz cele create goals
43. advance one's goals = zrobić postęp w osiąganiu zamierzonych celów advance one's goals
45. take on one's goal = przyjmować czyjś cel take on one's goal
46. fulfil one's goal = spełniać czyjś cel fulfil one's goal
47. promote goals = propaguj cele promote goals
48. assist one's goal = pomagać czyjś cel assist one's goal
49. make with several goals = zrób z kilkoma celami make with several goals
50. exceed one's goal = przekraczać czyjś cel exceed one's goal
51. serve goals = obsłuż cele serve goals
53. work towards a goal = praca w kierunku celu work towards a goal
55. goal outlined = cel przedstawił w skrócie goal outlined
56. health goal is called = do celu zdrowotnego dzwonią health goal is called
57. go without a goal = obądź się bez celu go without a goal
58. develop goals = opracuj cele develop goals
59. keep goal = stać na bramce, bronić (na bramce) keep goal
60. lose by several goals = przegraj przez kilka celów lose by several goals
61. take goals = wymagaj celów take goals
przymiotnik + goal
Kolokacji: 276
main goal • ultimate goal • primary goal • common goal • game-winning goal • long-term goal • major goal • specific goal • ...
przyimek + goal
Kolokacji: 32
of one's goals • to one's goal • for one's goal • toward one's goal • after one's goal • ...

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