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flat rzeczownik

rzeczownik + flat
Kolokacji: 26
mud flat • salt flat • Cape Flat • Rocky Flat • London flat • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. mud flat = równina błotna mud flat
  • We passed through and were out on the mud flats again.
  • "We don't want to hang up on the mud flats for the rest of the night."
  • He came around to the west side and looked out at the endless mud flats.
  • The northern half contains most of the lake's mud flats.
  • This was mostly successful, but mud flats are still evident on the river.
  • Major Bartok looked out over the mud flats, then back at the old man.
  • Soon he could smell the river and the mud flats that lined it.
  • I've come a thousand miles and camped here on the mud flats for over almost two months he told himself.
  • Dreaming, she was standing on mud flats at low tide.
  • Cardiff was, of course, built on mud flats, and nature takes a long time to change.
2. salt flat = słona pustynia salt flat
czasownik + flat
Kolokacji: 5
flat built • convert into flats • wear flats • live in flats • rent flats
przymiotnik + flat
Kolokacji: 19
tidal flat • sandy flat • residential flat • high-rise flat • new flat • ...
przyimek + flat
Kolokacji: 8
into flats • of flats • in flats • to flats • on the flats • ...

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