"fist" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

fist rzeczownik

rzeczownik + fist
Kolokacji: 8
iron fist • steel fist • fist of one's hand • metal fist • hammer fist • ...
fist + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 5
fist fight • fist pump • fist salute • fist bump • fist fighting
fist + czasownik
Kolokacji: 65
fist clenches • fist strikes • fist closes • fist slams • fist raises • ...
czasownik + fist
Kolokacji: 68
shake one's fist • raise one's fist • slam one's fist • pound one's fist • pump one's fist • use one's fists • clench into fists • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 29
  • Then for the last time he looked up and shook his fist at her.
  • She shook her fist at the ground, not that it would do any good.
  • I was shaking my fist at him when the door opened.
  • He shook his fist at it and moved in closer.
  • "People don't want someone up there just shaking their fist."
  • Their leader was a Fourth, and he shook his fist.
  • A big man was running towards them, shaking his fist.
  • Then the old man rose from the table, shaking his fist at the closed door.
  • He backed up a few steps and shook his fist.
  • I was playing by the old house he came out and shook his fist at me.
3. slam one's fist = trzaśnięcie czyjś pięść slam one's fist
6. use one's fists = używać czyjś pięści use one's fists
7. clench into fists = zaciśnij do pięści clench into fists
9. put one's fist = kłaść czyjś pięść put one's fist
10. ball into fists = piłka do pięści ball into fists
11. fist is clenched = pięść jest zaciśnięta fist is clenched
13. bang one's fist = huknięcie czyjś pięść bang one's fist
14. curl into fists = zakręć do pięści curl into fists
15. beat with one's fists = walić czyjś pięści beat with one's fists
16. swing one's fist = drgnięcie czyjś pięść swing one's fist
17. make a fist = marki pięść make a fist
18. hit with one's fist = uderzać z czyjś pięść hit with one's fist
20. drive one's fist = jazda czyjś pięść drive one's fist
21. close one's fist = blisko czyjś pięść close one's fist
22. bring one's fist = przynosić czyjś pięść bring one's fist
23. smash one's fist = z hukiem czyjś pięść smash one's fist
24. hold in one's fist = ukrywać czyjś pięść hold in one's fist
25. beat one's fists = walić czyjś pięści beat one's fists
26. clutch in one's fist = sprzęgło w czyjś pięść clutch in one's fist
27. rule with an iron fist = zasada z żelazną ręką rule with an iron fist
28. press one's fist = przyciśnij pięść press one's fist
29. clench in one's fist = zaciskać w czyjś pięść clench in one's fist
przymiotnik + fist
Kolokacji: 55
clenched fist • right fist • closed fist • left fist • tight fist • big fist • gloved fist • small fist • ...
przyimek + fist
Kolokacji: 12
into fists • with one's fists • in one's fist • of one's fist • from one's fist • ...

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