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ease czasownik

ease + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 69
ease tensions • ease restrictions • ease congestion • ease fears • ease concerns • ease one's way • ease one's mind • ease policy • ...
czasownik + ease
Kolokacji: 8
help ease • try to ease • begin to ease • begin easing • help to ease • ...
ease + przyimek
Kolokacji: 43
ease up • ease into • ease off • ease down • ease out • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 29
1. ease into = włóż ostrożnie ease into
2. ease up = zmniejszać się, ustępować, zelżeć (np. o deszczu) ease up
3. ease off = zmniejszać się, ustępować, zelżeć (np. o deszczu) ease off
4. ease down = zwolnić ease down
  • Ever so slowly he eased himself down, never taking his eyes from it.
  • Just when I realized her head might be in the way of my view, she eased herself down flat against the floor.
  • I eased myself down in bed and made up my mind for sleep.
  • He eased himself down into a seat and put his hands together.
  • He eased himself down slowly on the side of the bed.
  • He eased himself down onto it and I took one beside him.
  • I took a deep breath and eased down enough for him to speak instead.
  • She felt heavy in my arms as I eased her down to the floor.
  • Joe nodded and eased himself down to the floor again.
  • She started to ease down, and I let my breath out.
5. ease onto = łagodzić na ease onto
6. ease through = złagodź całkowicie ease through
7. ease out = wyjechać (samochodem) ease out
8. ease by = łagodzić przez ease by
9. ease over = łagodzić ponad ease over
10. ease to = łagodzić aby ease to
11. ease in = łagodzić w ease in
12. ease from = łagodzić z ease from
13. ease with = łagodzić z ease with
14. ease on = łagodzić, ustępować, zmniejszać ease on
15. ease at = łagodzić przy ease at
16. ease for = łagodzić dla ease for
17. ease toward = łagodzić w kierunku ease toward
18. ease around = złagodź wokół ease around
19. ease up on = odprężać się na ease up on
20. ease out of = łagodzić na zewnątrz z ease out of
21. ease away from = łagodzić daleko z ease away from
22. ease about = łagodzić około ease about
23. ease back = przesunąć się powoli i ostrożnie do tyłu ease back
24. ease of = łagodzić z ease of
25. ease against = łagodzić przeciwko ease against
26. ease past = łatwość przeszłość ease past
27. ease after = złagodź potem ease after
28. ease across = złagodź wszerz ease across
29. ease under = złagodź poniżej ease under
ease + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 30
ease forward • ease somewhat • ease slightly • slowly ease • gently ease • ...

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