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direction rzeczownik

rzeczownik + direction
Kolokacji: 35
wind direction • stage direction • Art Direction • policy direction • music direction • direction of travel • ...
direction + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
direction finder • direction parallel • direction change • direction altitude speed • SAGE Direction Center • ...
direction + czasownik
Kolokacji: 26
direction takes • direction changes • direction goes • direction comes • direction indicates • ...
czasownik + direction
Kolokacji: 144
change direction • reverse direction • ask directions • provide direction • give directions • get directions • turn in one's direction • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 33
  • I'll get him the next time he shows, because I haven't changed the direction since the last shot.
  • She too could have changed the direction of the world and human behavior!
  • The project also had to be large enough to change the direction of the community.
  • The question now is whether the country will change direction in time.
  • Instead, he changed direction and set about trying to tell a story.
  • Maybe that more than anything else has changed the direction.
  • You have to move past that and change the direction.
  • However, this fact alone did not change the direction of the war.
  • I believe it has never been more important to change the current direction of our Country.
  • I stopped short but too near to change my direction.
4. ask directions = poproś o wskazówki ask directions
6. get directions = otrzymać wskazówki get directions
7. turn in one's direction = położyć się spać czyjś kierunek turn in one's direction
8. glance in one's direction = spojrzenie w czyjś kierunek glance in one's direction
10. read all directions = odczytaj wszystkie wskazówki read all directions
11. throw in one's direction = rzut w czyjś kierunek throw in one's direction
13. aim in one's direction = cel w czyjś kierunek aim in one's direction
15. ask for directions = pytać o drogę ask for directions
17. build under the direction = zbuduj pod kierownictwem build under the direction
21. face the direction = stań przodem do kierunku face the direction
25. guide in the direction = przewodnik w kierunku guide in the direction
27. lack direction = brakować celu lack direction
31. operate in each direction = prowadź działalność w każdym kierunku operate in each direction
przymiotnik + direction
Kolokacji: 167
opposite direction • right direction • different direction • new direction • wrong direction • general direction • future direction • ...
przyimek + direction
Kolokacji: 23
without direction • for directions • of direction • following one's directions • by direction • ...

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