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decision rzeczownik

rzeczownik + decision
Kolokacji: 105
court decision • policy decision • investment decision • landmark decision • management decision • business decision • ...
decision + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 19
decision maker • decision process • Decision Point • decision making • decision tree • ...
decision + czasownik
Kolokacji: 200
decision makes • decision affects • decision reflects • decision allows • decision follows • decision comes • decision rests • ...
czasownik + decision
Kolokacji: 189
decision written • announce one's decision • reverse one's decision • influence one's decision • defend one's decision • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 78
1. decision written = decyzja napisany decision written
13. follow one's decision = następować czyjś decyzja follow one's decision
17. agree with one's decision = zgadzać się czyjś decyzja agree with one's decision
19. play in one's decision = gra w czyjś decyzja play in one's decision
20. say of one's decision = mówić z czyjś decyzja say of one's decision
21. change one's decision = zmiana czyjś decyzja change one's decision
22. protest one's decision = protest czyjś decyzja protest one's decision
23. disagree with one's decision = nie zgadzać się czyjś decyzja disagree with one's decision
24. justify one's decision = usprawiedliwiać czyjś decyzja justify one's decision
25. oppose one's decision = sprzeciwiać się czyjś decyzja oppose one's decision
26. contribute to one's decision = przyczyniać się czyjś decyzja contribute to one's decision
28. respect one's decision = szacunek czyjś decyzja respect one's decision
29. praise one's decision = pochwała czyjś decyzja praise one's decision
30. discuss one's decision = dyskutować czyjś decyzja discuss one's decision
32. cite one's decision = cytować czyjś decyzja cite one's decision
33. confirm one's decision = potwierdzać czyjś decyzja confirm one's decision
34. inform of one's decision = powiadamiać czyjś decyzja inform of one's decision
35. wait for one's decision = czekać czyjś decyzja wait for one's decision
36. refer to one's decision = odnosić się czyjś decyzja refer to one's decision
37. comment on one's decision = komentarz na czyjś decyzja comment on one's decision
39. abide by one's decision = stosować się czyjś decyzja abide by one's decision
41. understand one's decision = rozumieć czyjś decyzja understand one's decision
42. render a decision = wydać decyzję (w kontekście sądowniczym) render a decision
43. postpone a decision = odłożyć decyzję, odraczać decyzję postpone a decision
  • And in any case the decision, which is expected soon, will now be postponed for a year or longer, officials said.
  • The decision had been postponed for at least another month.
  • However, the decision to move forward to construction has been postponed several times since then.
  • A decision in that review has been postponed until the end of the year.
  • You could say that we have postponed a decision on these important matters, by several years.
  • However, he postponed difficult decisions on the details for at least six months.
  • Due to the current financial climate, the decision was postponed.
  • This is also the case for some foreign leaders, who start thinking of postponing major decisions until the next Administration.
  • The decision on this crucial issue in the debate has been postponed for six years.
  • Another advantage of such a model is the ability to postpone decisions.
50. know one's decision = wiedzieć czyjś decyzja know one's decision
52. issue a decision = wydać decyzję (w kontekście sądowniczym) issue a decision
54. face a decision = stań przed decyzją face a decision
55. inform decisions = informuj decyzje inform decisions
56. win by decision = wygraj decyzją win by decision
60. lose by decision = przegraj przez decyzję lose by decision
65. drop a decision = rzuć decyzję drop a decision
67. stand by one's decision = podtrzymywać swoją decyzję stand by one's decision
69. focus on care decisions = nacisk na decyzje opieki focus on care decisions
70. enhance health decisions = zwiększ decyzje zdrowotne enhance health decisions
71. endorse one's decision = udzielać poparcia czyjś decyzja endorse one's decision
72. tell of one's decision = świadczyć czyjś decyzja tell of one's decision
73. write in one's decision = pisać czyjś decyzja write in one's decision
74. enforce one's decisions = wprowadzać w życie czyjś decyzje enforce one's decisions
75. include decisions = załącz decyzje include decisions
76. involve decisions = obejmij decyzje involve decisions
77. decision released = decyzja zwolniła decision released
przymiotnik + decision
Kolokacji: 342
final decision • unanimous decision • difficult decision • right decision • tough decision • bad decision • controversial decision • ...
przyimek + decision
Kolokacji: 33
of one's decision • in one's decision • to one's decision • with one's decision • on one's decision • ...

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