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aside przysłówek

czasownik + aside
Kolokacji: 78
set aside • step aside • put aside • push aside • stand aside • brush aside • turn aside • move aside • cast aside • lay aside • toss aside • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 29
1. set aside = uchylać set aside
2. step aside = zrezygnować na korzyść kogoś innego (np. ze stanowiska) step aside
3. put aside = odłóż put aside
5. stand aside = stawać z boku (odsunąć się, ustąpić miejsca) stand aside
6. brush aside = odsuwać na bok brush aside
  • She brushed aside his hand and took up her own cause.
  • But speak to him of books and you will not be brushed aside.
  • But today, on the first day of school, such questions were brushed aside.
  • But I believe that they cannot simply be brushed aside.
  • For the most part, they did the talking, she the listening, her questions brushed aside.
  • But his analysis, and others like it, are brushed aside.
  • He brushed aside a question as to whether his views on the race issue had changed in recent years.
  • They reported very light resistance, which had been brushed aside.
  • But he cannot simply brush aside the wishes of the popular king.
  • But the doctor brushed aside our money, shook hands with us, and left.
7. turn aside = odwróć się turn aside
8. move aside = odsunąć się na bok move aside
9. cast aside = pozbądź się cast aside
10. lay aside = odłóż lay aside
11. leave aside = odstawić na bok, pominąć leave aside
13. swept aside = odsunięty od siebie swept aside
14. pull aside = pociągnij na bok pull aside
15. slide aside = pośliźnij się na bok slide aside
16. shove aside = popchnij na bok shove aside
17. draw aside = odciągać na bok, odsuwać na bok draw aside
19. shunted aside = przerzucony na bok shunted aside
20. fling aside = ciśnij na bok fling aside
21. wave aside = fala na bok wave aside
22. kick aside = kopnij na bok kick aside
23. leap aside = odskoczyć leap aside
24. knock aside = zapukaj na bok knock aside
25. thrust aside = odepchnięty thrust aside
26. roll aside = potocz na bok roll aside
27. jump aside = odskocz na bok jump aside
28. glance aside = spojrzenie na bok glance aside
29. swing aside = zakołysz na bok swing aside

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