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short przymiotnik

short + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 688
short story • short time • short film • short period • short distance • short term • short supply • short notice • short hair • short run • ...
czasownik + short
Kolokacji: 20
fall short • cut short • stop short • grow shorter • run short • sell short • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. fall short = nie wystarczać fall short
  • "We need to have the right systems in place or else we'll fall short on the service end of our business," he said.
  • It looked as if they were going to fall short.
  • All three times they fell short and ended in 2nd place.
  • The report also said treatment programs fell far short of meeting the needs.
  • Yet justice alone can fall short in putting the past to rest.
  • We all fall short of the standards our best values set for us.
  • But when put into effect the plans usually fall short.
  • But, with the kitchen under pressure from the large party, the rest of the food fell far short.
  • Never has a place fallen so short of its potential.
  • No man can go through his life without some day falling short.
3. stop short = urwać, nagle przerwać stop short
4. grow shorter = stój się krótszy grow shorter
5. run short = kończyć się, wyczerpać, wyczerpywać się run short
6. sell short = sprzedawać bez pokrycia (na giełdzie) sell short
przysłówek + short
Kolokacji: 63
relatively short • far short • fairly short • extremely short • slightly shorter • well short • somewhat shorter • ...
short + przyimek
Kolokacji: 12
short of • short on • short for • short by • short in • ...

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