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"royal" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

royal przymiotnik

royal + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 262
royal court • royal palace • royal charter • royal family • royal household • royal residence • royal wedding • royal blood • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 40
1. royal court = królewski sąd royal court
2. royal palace = pałac królewski royal palace
3. royal charter = przywilej królewski royal charter
4. royal family = rodzina królewska royal family
  • But overseas royal families are far more ready to put hand in pocket.
  • The movement has also gained support from the royal families of the region.
  • Not all of Anna's daughters were married into other royal families.
  • There're only a few of the original royal families left.
  • "We just didn't know how many royal families he was connected to."
  • It's a relationship table of all the European royal families.
  • Among the royal families these events seem to have been rather ordinary.
  • Usually these women were part of the elite, often from royal families.
  • Other members of the royal families from those times are also buried there.
  • This was the second emergency meeting of the royal families, called by my father.
5. royal household = królewska rodzina royal household
6. royal residence = królewska rezydencja royal residence
7. royal wedding = królewski ślub royal wedding
8. royal blood = królewska krew royal blood
9. royal house = królewski dom royal house
10. royal authority = władza królewska royal authority
11. royal yacht = królewski jacht royal yacht
12. royal power = królewska moc royal power
13. royal patronage = patronat królewski royal patronage
14. royal army = królewskie wojsko royal army
15. royal crown = korona królewska royal crown
16. royal visit = królewska wizyta royal visit
17. royal tomb = królewski grobowiec royal tomb
18. royal castle = zamek królewski royal castle
19. royal assent = królewska zgoda royal assent
20. royal title = królewski tytuł royal title
21. royal prerogative = przywilej królewski royal prerogative
22. royal government = królewski rząd royal government
23. royal estate = posiadłość królewska royal estate
24. royal party = orszak królewski royal party
25. royal line = królewska linia royal line
26. royal dynasty = dynastia królewska royal dynasty
27. royal favor = królewska przysługa royal favor
28. royal warrant = liwerant (dostawca dworski) royal warrant
29. royal prince = królewicz royal prince
30. royal marriage = królewskie małżeństwo royal marriage
31. royal city = miasto królewskie (w dawnej Polsce miasto zbudowane na terenie należącym do króla) royal city
32. royal lineage = królewski rodowód royal lineage
33. royal guard = królewski strażnik royal guard
34. royal capital = królewski kapitał royal capital
35. royal garden = królewski ogród royal garden
36. royal seal = królewska pieczęć royal seal
37. royal apartment = królewskie mieszkanie royal apartment
38. royal succession = królewska seria royal succession
39. royal child = królewskie dziecko royal child
40. royal pardon = ułaskawienie królewskie royal pardon

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