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result rzeczownik

rzeczownik + result
Kolokacji: 175
test result • election result • end result • search result • poll result • race result • View All Result • result of one's efforts • ...
result + czasownik
Kolokacji: 161
result shows • result suggests • result indicates • result reflects • result proves • result includes • result leads • result appears • ...
czasownik + result
Kolokacji: 149
produce results • yield results • achieve results • deliver results • report results • show results • get results • bring results • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 52
3. yield results = przynosić wyniki, przynosić rezultaty yield results
  • But with the help of your doctor, small changes can yield big results.
  • Yes, that policy has yet to yield all the positive results expected, but to return to the past would really be wrong.
  • The investment is likely to yield significant results over the next four years.
  • In some parts of the country, these efforts are beginning to yield results.
  • This means putting resources where they will yield the best results, even if some things are not done.
  • "Military force alone will not yield the results Russia is looking for," he said.
  • Then he'd hit them where he thought the hitting would yield the best results.
  • Both officers said they come to the park simply because it yields results.
  • Investments made in industry did not yielded the results expected.
  • Other recent polls have asked the question several ways, and each one yielded similar results.
4. deliver results = przynieś rezultaty deliver results
8. bring results = przynieś wyniki bring results
10. include results = obejmuj wyniki include results
13. earn several Results = zdobądź kilka Wyników earn several Results
15. receive results = otrzymuj wyniki receive results
16. post results = wyniki poczty post results
18. want results = chciej wyniki want results
27. result is declared = skutek jest oznajmiony result is declared
31. generate results = spowoduj skutki generate results
36. result is considered = wynik jest uznawany result is considered
38. lead to results = spowoduj skutki lead to results
40. result is made = wynik jest zrobiony result is made
41. result is taken = wynik jest wzięty result is taken
43. result is based = wynik jest oparty result is based
44. result is called = wynik jest ogłoszony result is called
45. measure results = wyniki środka measure results
47. result is mixed = skutek jest zróżnicowany result is mixed
50. use with results = wykorzystanie z wynikami use with results
51. exist as the result = istniej jako wynik exist as the result
52. gain results = wyniki przyrostu gain results
przymiotnik + result
Kolokacji: 348
direct result • final result • positive result • similar result • mixed result • financial result • preliminary result • net result • ...
przyimek + result
Kolokacji: 22
without result • with results • of results • for results • to results • ...

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