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"remember" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

remember czasownik

remember + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 117
remember things • remember events • remember one's name • remember one's words • remember one's face • remember one's father • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 42
2. remember events = przypomnij sobie wydarzenia remember events
6. remember one's father = pamiętać czyjś ojciec remember one's father
8. remember one's mother = pamiętać czyjś matka remember one's mother
9. remember one's lines = pamiętać czyjś linie remember one's lines
10. remember people = przypomnij sobie ludzie remember people
11. remember one's promise = pamiętać czyjś obietnica remember one's promise
14. remember one's voice = pamiętać czyjś głos remember one's voice
15. remember one's warning = pamiętać czyjś ostrzeżenie remember one's warning
16. thing to remember = rzecz do pamiętania thing to remember
17. remember the details = przypomnij sobie szczegóły remember the details
18. remember the day = przypomnij sobie dzień remember the day
22. remember one's eyes = pamiętać czyjś oczy remember one's eyes
  • She remembered the woman's eyes, which were large and ice blue.
  • She spoke pretty good English, and I remember her green eyes.
  • She remembered the night before, his eyes over the sights of the pistol.
  • I remembered his eyes and nothing else about him.
  • And I remember her green eyes; they not be easy to forget.
  • "I remember your big brown eyes looking up at me."
  • He remembered her eyes as she paused in the doorway they'd both passed through.
  • I can remember her huge white eyes looking at me.
  • Then, like a splash of ice water, she remembered his eyes that afternoon.
  • He remembered her startling green eyes and short, brown hair.
24. remember the past = przypomnij sobie przeszłość remember the past
25. remember one's meeting = pamiętać czyjś spotkanie remember one's meeting
26. remember the way = przypomnij sobie droga remember the way
28. remember the man = zapamiętaj człowieka remember the man
30. remember one's love = pamiętać czyjś miłość remember one's love
31. remember one's manners = pamiętać czyjś sposoby remember one's manners
32. remember one's childhood = pamiętać czyjś dzieciństwo remember one's childhood
33. remember the incident = przypomnij sobie incydent remember the incident
34. remember thinking = przypomnij sobie myślenie remember thinking
35. remember one's visit = pamiętać czyjś wizyta remember one's visit
36. remember one's advice = pamiętać czyjś rada remember one's advice
38. remember the night = przypomnij sobie noc remember the night
39. remember tales = przypomnij sobie opowieści remember tales
40. remember the woman = zapamiętaj kobietę remember the woman
41. remember one's history = pamiętać czyjś historia remember one's history
42. remember the look = przypomnij sobie spojrzenie remember the look
czasownik + remember
Kolokacji: 15
keep remembering • try to remember • seem to remember • need to remember • want to remember • ...
remember + przyimek
Kolokacji: 30
remember about • remember from • remember during • remembered for • remember after • ...
remember + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 59
suddenly remember • fondly remember • vividly remember • vaguely remember • remember correctly • barely remember • ...

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