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quantum rzeczownik

rzeczownik + quantum
Kolokacji: 3
blood quantum • flux quantum • field quantum
quantum + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 87
quantum mechanic • quantum theory • quantum physics • quantum leap • quantum state • quantum computer • quantum field theory • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
4. quantum leap = krok milowy, olbrzymi skok quantum leap
  • "Technology has made a quantum leap from just a couple years ago."
  • But he may be about to make a quantum leap.
  • That is what we must do, make a quantum leap.
  • They would love American stars, and we need them to make a quantum leap.
  • But it was a quantum leap better than anything the British had put into the air before.
  • A single quantum leap had taken evil from water to land.
  • "I don't think we'll see a quantum leap until the fall of 1993."
  • And this quantum leap has occurred with these 12-step programs.
  • What they have accomplished together is a quantum leap from No. 53 to the top 10 in seven months.
  • Its almost like this has no connection with quantum leap at all.
7. quantum field theory = kwantowa teoria pola quantum field theory
9. quantum system = system kwantowy quantum system
11. quantum computing = komputer kwantowy (układ fizyczny) quantum computing
13. quantum number = liczby kwantowe quantum number
17. quantum dot = kropka kwantowa quantum dot
przyimek + quantum
Kolokacji: 3
of quantum • in quantum • to Quantum

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