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overseas przymiotnik

overseas + rzeczownik
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overseas territory • overseas market • overseas operation • overseas trip • overseas tour • overseas service • overseas deployment • ...
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  • As a result, little attention was paid to the political, social, and economic development of the overseas territories.
  • Find out about the projects focusing on our overseas territories.
  • By this time, Portugal's overseas territories had taken second place.
  • The process of applying a treaty to an overseas territory.
  • The results exclude the six seats won at national level and those from overseas territories.
  • Individual overseas territories do not have their own legal nationality status.
  • Many were used for general utility duties in overseas territories.
  • Similar scenarios would play out in other overseas Portuguese territories.
  • A key element of Japan's aim to become a world power with overseas territory was the military.
  • It was designed to have the national football teams of the overseas territories compete against each other.
2. overseas market = rynek zagraniczny, rynek zamorski overseas market
3. overseas operation = zagraniczna operacja overseas operation
4. overseas trip = zagraniczna podróż overseas trip
5. overseas tour = zagraniczna wycieczka overseas tour
6. overseas service = zagraniczna służba overseas service
8. overseas deployment = zagraniczne rozmieszczenie overseas deployment
11. overseas sales = zagraniczne sprzedaże overseas sales
12. overseas department = zagraniczny departament overseas department
13. overseas player = zagraniczny gracz overseas player
14. overseas investment = zagraniczna inwestycja overseas investment
15. overseas company = zagraniczna spółka overseas company
16. overseas travel = podróż zamorska overseas travel
18. overseas trade = handel zagraniczny overseas trade
19. overseas assignment = zagraniczny przydział overseas assignment
20. overseas business = zagraniczny biznes overseas business
21. overseas mission = zagraniczna misja overseas mission
22. overseas colony = zagraniczna kolonia overseas colony
24. overseas country = zamorski kraj overseas country

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