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outdoor przymiotnik

outdoor + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 233
outdoor activity • outdoor pool • outdoor concert • outdoor cafe • outdoor space • outdoor table • outdoor track • outdoor sculpture • ...
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2. outdoor pool = basen kąpielowy na powietrzu outdoor pool
3. outdoor concert = koncert na powietrzu outdoor concert
4. outdoor space = przestrzeń na powietrzu outdoor space
5. outdoor cafe = turystyczna kawiarnia outdoor cafe
6. outdoor table = turystyczny stół outdoor table
7. outdoor track = turystyczna droga outdoor track
9. outdoor event = wydarzenie na powietrzu outdoor event
10. outdoor area = obszar na powietrzu outdoor area
11. outdoor court = boisko na świeżym powietrzu outdoor court
12. outdoor sport = sport na świeżym powietrzu outdoor sport
13. outdoor trousers = turystyczne spodnie outdoor trousers
14. outdoor festival = festiwal na powietrzu outdoor festival
15. outdoor season = sezon sportowy na świeżym powietrzu outdoor season
16. outdoor market = rynek na powietrzu outdoor market
17. outdoor terrace = turystyczny taras outdoor terrace
18. outdoor recreation = zajęcia na świeżym powietrzu outdoor recreation
19. outdoor seating = miejsca siedzące na powietrzu outdoor seating
20. outdoor scene = scena plenerowa outdoor scene
21. outdoor performance = przedstawienie na powietrzu outdoor performance
22. outdoor amphitheater = turystyczny amfiteatr outdoor amphitheater
23. outdoor game = gra terenowa outdoor game
25. outdoor patio = turystyczne patio outdoor patio
26. outdoor garden = ogród na powietrzu outdoor garden
28. outdoor stage = turystyczna scena outdoor stage
  • The festival included an outdoor main stage for the first time.
  • There is an outdoor stage in the garden to the rear of the museum.
  • Solar 1, an environmental learning center with a small outdoor stage for public performances, is located at the north end of the park.
  • A small outdoor stage was being set up for a concert, and people were already gathering.
  • The Capitol is also one of the city's great outdoor stages.
  • Artists, both local and international perform on 6 outdoor stages.
  • An eerie scene lay before us, as on an outdoor stage.
  • The main show takes place in the evening on a huge outdoor stage behind the ruined castle.
  • This is an outdoor stage with about 7,800 seats and standing room for 12,000.
  • Some things work better than others on an outdoor stage.
30. outdoor rink = turystyczne lodowisko outdoor rink
31. outdoor life = życie na powietrzu outdoor life
32. outdoor venue = miejsce na powietrzu outdoor venue
33. outdoor advertising = reklama zewnętrzna, reklama uliczna outdoor advertising
34. outdoor setting = turystyczna sceneria outdoor setting
35. outdoor deck = turystyczny pokład outdoor deck
36. outdoor museum = turystyczne muzeum outdoor museum
37. outdoor championship = mistrzostwa na powietrzu outdoor championship
38. outdoor use = wykorzystanie na powietrzu outdoor use
39. outdoor center = centrum na powietrzu outdoor center
40. outdoor stadium = turystyczny stadion outdoor stadium
42. outdoor mall = turystyczne centrum handlowe outdoor mall
43. outdoor pursuit = pościg na powietrzu outdoor pursuit
44. outdoor restaurant = restauracja na wolnym powietrzu outdoor restaurant
45. outdoor dining = podejmowanie obiadem na powietrzu outdoor dining
46. outdoor shower = prysznic na powietrzu outdoor shower
47. outdoor furniture = turystyczne meble outdoor furniture
48. outdoor room = turystyczny pokój outdoor room
49. outdoor show = widowisko na powietrzu outdoor show
50. outdoor grill = turystyczny opiekacz outdoor grill
51. outdoor work = praca na powietrzu outdoor work
52. outdoor environment = środowisko na powietrzu outdoor environment
53. outdoor location = lokalizacja na powietrzu outdoor location

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