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"order" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

order czasownik

order + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 167
order copies • order food • order tests • order coffee • order one's men • order one's troops • order one's forces • order one's death • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 46
  • So far 44 states have ordered more than 300,000 copies.
  • You may also order hard copies by mail free of charge.
  • And stores that order fewer copies than a full case pay a little more as well.
  • In less than two weeks, video stores have ordered 80,000 copies.
  • For a small payment one could order copies of these items from his catalogue.
  • You go to the chains, show them the sales figures, and they order a million copies for their stores.
  • Visitors may order copies of images in the art shop or on the website.
  • Then immediately order free copies from the other two agencies to make sure the error is not repeated on their reports.
  • He ordered copies of the four longest articles for review later.
  • The local drugstore ordered several copies of his last novel but didn't do very well with them.
2. order food = porządek jedzenie order food
3. order tests = testy porządku order tests
4. order coffee = porządek kawa order coffee
6. order one's troops = porządek czyjś wojsko order one's troops
8. order one's death = porządek czyjś śmierć order one's death
10. order one's soldiers = porządek czyjś żołnierze order one's soldiers
11. order changes = zmiany porządku order changes
13. order a drink = złóż zamówienie na napój order a drink
14. order an attack = dać hasło do ataku, zarządzić atak order an attack
17. order a review = uporządkuj recenzję order a review
19. order several episodes = porządek kilka wydarzeń order several episodes
22. order one's officers = porządek czyjś urzędnicy order one's officers
25. order dinner = obiad porządku order dinner
29. order wine = porządek wino order wine
30. order books = rejestry zamówień order books
31. order a retreat = nakaż odwrót order a retreat
32. order captain = kapitan porządku order captain
33. order a beer = złóż zamówienie na piwo order a beer
34. order a trial = zarządź rozprawę order a trial
35. order several units = porządek kilka jednostek order several units
36. order dishes = potrawy porządku order dishes
37. order breakfast = śniadanie porządku order breakfast
39. order things = rzeczy porządku order things
40. order the company = zarządź spółkę order the company
41. order tea = herbata porządku order tea
42. order a bottle = złóż zamówienie na butelkę order a bottle
43. order officials = urzędnicy porządku order officials
44. order the government = zaleć rządzenie order the government
46. order one's division = porządek czyjś podział order one's division
czasownik + order
Kolokacji: 16
consider ordering • begin ordering • prompt to order • made to order • want to order • ...
order + przyimek
Kolokacji: 43
order up • order out • ordered by • order off • order from • ...
order + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 77
immediately order • originally ordered • later order • ordered directly • personally order • ...

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