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"opposite" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

opposite przymiotnik

opposite + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 121
opposite direction • opposite side • opposite end • opposite sex • opposite wall • opposite effect • opposite bank • opposite corner • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
1. opposite direction = przeciwny kierunek opposite direction
2. opposite side = przeciwległa strona opposite side
3. opposite end = przeciwstawny cel opposite end
4. opposite sex = płeć przeciwna opposite sex
5. opposite wall = przeciwległa ściana opposite wall
6. opposite effect = przeciwny efekt opposite effect
7. opposite bank = przeciwległy bank opposite bank
8. opposite corner = naprzeciw kąta opposite corner
9. opposite shore = przeciwległy brzeg opposite shore
10. opposite way = przeciwległa droga opposite way
11. opposite number = odpowiednik, odpowiedniczka (osoba zajmująca to samo stanowisko w innej firmie lub organizacji) opposite number
  • Learn about your opposite number, yes, and respect his abilities if he had them, certainly.
  • I asked my opposite number to put the lid on it.
  • "I'm probably the only spokesperson who actually says their opposite number is doing a good job."
  • I haven't found my opposite number yet, so I'm cutting out forward at max.
  • His opposite number was also new to the job of army commander.
  • It comes in bed to most people, I know, like love's opposite number.
  • For his opposite number, however, this was a day to look back in anguish.
  • Other than that, by looks there was little to choose between them and their northern opposite numbers.
  • We'd have to change the name, so central are their opposite numbers to the meaning of the word!
  • Ten team members played four games against their opposite number.
12. opposite view = przeciwna opinia opposite view
13. opposite conclusion = naprzeciw zakończenia opposite conclusion
14. opposite pole = biegun przeciwstawny opposite pole
15. opposite reaction = naprzeciw reakcji opposite reaction
16. opposite approach = przeciwne podejście opposite approach
17. opposite field = naprzeciw pola opposite field
18. opposite problem = naprzeciw problemu opposite problem
19. opposite edge = przeciwległy brzeg opposite edge
20. opposite extreme = naprzeciw ostateczności opposite extreme
21. opposite tack = przeciwległa pinezka opposite tack
22. opposite situation = naprzeciw sytuacji opposite situation
23. opposite point = przeciwległy punkt opposite point
24. opposite charge = ładunek różnoimienny opposite charge
25. opposite coast = naprzeciw wybrzeża opposite coast
26. opposite position = przeciwstawna pozycja opposite position
27. opposite sign = przeciwległy znak opposite sign
28. opposite gender = przeciwległy rodzaj opposite gender
przysłówek + opposite
Kolokacji: 8
directly opposite • exactly opposite • diametrically opposite • completely opposite • diagonally opposite • ...
opposite + przyimek
Kolokacji: 4
opposite to • opposite in • opposite of • opposite from

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