"move" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

move rzeczownik

rzeczownik + move
Kolokacji: 53
career move • dance move • surprise move • signature move • loan move • ...
move + czasownik
Kolokacji: 127
move follows • move comes • move allows • move leads • move helps • move makes • move means • move takes • move gives • ...
czasownik + move
Kolokacji: 73
perform moves • complete one's move • plan one's move • follow one's move • move is criticized • call a move • link with a move • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 29
  • They're often on one leg while performing complex moves and must then come to a full stop.
  • Characters now perform different moves based on their opponent's current physical state.
  • Players can also perform special moves if lacking in races.
  • When two players play, they can perform team-based special moves.
  • With more energy, they can perform moves with greater impact.
  • This allow the player to perform various moves and transform into different creatures.
  • To win the player must increase the temperature of the ring by performing more devastating moves.
  • They then kiss and perform sexual dance-like moves against each other.
  • Using an old pickup truck, they performed moves to earn extra money.
  • This time in the air allows the competitor to perform moves which would otherwise be extremely difficult.
4. follow one's move = następować czyjś ruch follow one's move
6. call a move = ogłoś ruch call a move
8. move aimed = ruch dążył move aimed
10. use moves = wykorzystanie rusza się use moves
11. watch every move = przyjrzyj się każdy ruch watch every move
12. move designed = ruch zaprojektował move designed
13. make a move = ruszyć się (zebrać się i wyjść) make a move
15. move is intended = ruch jest planowany move is intended
16. move is expected = ruch jest oczekiwany move is expected
20. get a move = dostań ruch get a move
23. reject a move = odrzuć ruch reject a move
24. discuss one's move = dyskutować czyjś ruch discuss one's move
25. take a move = podejmij ruch take a move
26. welcome the move = przyjmij z zadowoleniem ruch welcome the move
27. earn a move = zasłuż na ruch earn a move
28. move is decided = ruch jest rozstrzygnięty move is decided
przymiotnik + move
Kolokacji: 268
bold move • unusual move • smart move • late move • right move • sudden move • wrong move • recent move • similar move • ...
przyimek + move
Kolokacji: 26
after one's move • before one's move • following one's move • including moves • of moves • ...

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