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hint rzeczownik

rzeczownik + hint
Kolokacji: 5
hint of a veto • hint of a smile • household hint • hint of one's presence • hint of one's thoughts
hint + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
hint comes • Veto hint says • hint appears • hint touches • hint makes • ...
czasownik + hint
Kolokacji: 20
drop hints • provide hints • find hints • give a hint • offer a hint • contain hints • take the hint • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
1. drop hints = aluzje kropli drop hints
  • Soon Ginger is dropping hints as to what she wants.
  • They also drop hints of future projects in film and television.
  • But Palestinian officials drop hints that $10,000 or more might be expected.
  • I walked through the camp dropping hints that soon they would be part of something with power.
  • Probably he had done nothing so crude as to drop hints to them.
  • Though continues to drop hints, but Michael never says anything.
  • I talk to her quite often, so I'll have to start dropping hints about tickets.
  • You will never drop sly hints, as another man might do.
  • She wasn't half bad and soon started dropping hints about maybe accompanying him to class.
  • We've been going out among all the people dropping hints here and there, making them think about it.
2. provide hints = dostarcz aluzje provide hints
3. find hints = znajdź aluzje find hints
6. contain hints = zawieraj aluzje contain hints
8. see a hint = zobacz aluzja see a hint
9. get the hint = zrozum aluzję get the hint
przymiotnik + hint
Kolokacji: 40
slight hint • faint hint • only hint • strong hint • subtle hint • mere hint • helpful hint • ...
przyimek + hint
Kolokacji: 10
for hints • of hints • without a hint • with a hint • to hints • ...

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