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highway rzeczownik

rzeczownik + highway
Kolokacji: 94
state highway • Interstate Highway • U.S. Highway • Louisiana Highway • Sunrise Highway • county highway • West Side Highway • ...
highway + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 105
highway system • Highway Safety • highway construction • highway bridge • highway patrol • Interstate Highway System • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
1. highway system = system autostrad, sieć autostrad highway system
2. Highway Safety = Droga publiczna Bezpieczeństwo Highway Safety
6. Interstate Highway System = Autostrada międzystanowa System Interstate Highway System
7. Federal Highway Administration = Federalista Droga Publiczna Zarządzanie Federal Highway Administration
8. highway project = droga publiczna projekt highway project
9. National Highway System = Krajowa Droga Publiczna System National Highway System
10. highway north = północ drogi publicznej highway north
12. state highway system = system drogi publicznej państwowy state highway system
13. highway robbery = rozbój w biały dzień highway robbery
14. highway sign = znak drogi publicznej highway sign
15. highway network = sieć drogi publicznej highway network
16. highway Bill = droga publiczna Bill highway Bill
17. highway traffic = droga publiczna ruch uliczny highway traffic
18. California Highway Patrol = Kalifornia policja drogowa California Highway Patrol
19. highway patrolman = policjant patrolujący ulice drogi publicznej highway patrolman
20. highway speed = prędkość drogi publicznej highway speed
21. Highway Number = Droga publiczna Liczba Highway Number
22. highway authority = władza drogi publicznej highway authority
  • A highway authority is a name given to a body responsible for the administration of public roads.
  • Your highway authority will depend on the type and location of the road.
  • It also recommended that the name of the highway authority be included somewhere in the design.
  • The highway authority will also pay $50 million for construction on the existing bridge, which should be done by 2009.
  • This sets out a number of clear goals for local planning and highway authorities.
  • "It's outrageous that any of this could be sanctioned by the highway authority."
  • For the highway authority, a seemingly minor matter may have broader consequences.
  • As such, are maintained and repaired at public expense by local highway authorities.
  • But while many airports, train stations and highway authorities reported few problems, there were at least two significant exceptions.
  • In the past, motorists had to call the highway authority's business number to reach dispatchers.
highway + czasownik
Kolokacji: 54
highway connecting • highway intersects • highway crosses • highway runs • highway passes • highway follows • highway enters • ...
czasownik + highway
Kolokacji: 30
highway is known • highway is constructed • highway is built • block highways • highway is maintained • ...
przymiotnik + highway
Kolokacji: 92
major highway • main highway • four-lane highway • two-lane highway • national highway • interstate highway • old highway • ...
przyimek + highway
Kolokacji: 21
for highways • with highways • onto the highway • along the highway • off the highway • ...

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