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gradually przysłówek

czasownik + gradually
Kolokacji: 288
gradually increase • gradually replaced • gradually begin • gradually move • gradually develop • gradually grow • gradually lose • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 65
4. gradually move = stopniowo rusz się gradually move
7. gradually lose = stopniowo przegraj gradually lose
9. gradually become = stopniowo stój się gradually become
15. gradually turn = stopniowo obróć się gradually turn
21. gradually come = stopniowo przyjdź gradually come
22. gradually fade = stopniowo przygaśnij gradually fade
  • But he gradually faded, the victim of serious personal problems.
  • The music was gradually faded in for viewers at home.
  • For a moment their eyes held, and the laughter gradually faded.
  • It faded gradually, and suddenly the Hospital lights came on outside, making the night white.
  • The effect faded gradually with time, but it made her and everyone else from the command team feel good.
  • In the last few years, such optimism has gradually faded.
  • Over the decades, the house had gradually faded from sight.
  • He left the office, and his footsteps gradually faded away.
  • The power died, the blue glare faded gradually, and finally was gone.
  • From the mid 2000's his career began to fade gradually.
28. gradually get = stopniowo dostań gradually get
32. gradually start = stopniowo zacznij gradually start
36. gradually spread = stopniowo rozłóż gradually spread
47. gradually fill = stopniowo napełnij się gradually fill
50. gradually slow = stopniowo wolny gradually slow
52. gradually go = stopniowo pójdź gradually go
53. gradually erode = stopniowo zniszcz w procesie erozji gradually erode
57. gradually adopted = stopniowo zaadoptować gradually adopted
58. gradually lead = stopniowo zaprowadź gradually lead
62. gradually descend = stopniowo zejdź gradually descend
64. gradually sink = stopniowo zatop gradually sink

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