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"expression" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

expression rzeczownik

rzeczownik + expression
Kolokacji: 29
gene expression • protein expression • expression of one's face • expression of concern • expression of interest • ...
expression + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 11
expression level • expression pattern • expression change • expression profile • expression blank • ...
expression + czasownik
Kolokacji: 104
expression changes • expression softens • expression turns • expression shows • expression comes • expression crosses • ...
czasownik + expression
Kolokacji: 92
find expression • give expression • change expression • see one's expression • look with an expression • read one's expression • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 27
8. catch one's expression = łapać czyjś wyrażenie catch one's expression
9. watch one's expression = patrzyć czyjś wyrażenie watch one's expression
10. notice one's expression = zauważać czyjś wyrażenie notice one's expression
  • They wore an expression now, though he could not have said what it might be.
  • Other than that, he could have worn the same expression for anything.
  • His face simply refused to wear so foreign an expression.
  • The pretty face wore a rather hard but, she decided, very capable expression.
  • And one who wore a frightened expression the whole time.
  • And at the door, wearing a far less compassionate expression, his mother.
  • She just shrugged, wearing an expression that was hard to read.
  • His face wore the expression of one who was about to fall asleep.
  • When he walked off the 18th green, Woods wore the expression of someone who had been in a fight.
  • When he had finished, the President wore a worried expression.
12. show no expression = nie przedstawiaj żadnej ekspresji show no expression
13. assume an expression = przybierz wyrażenie assume an expression
15. control one's expression = kontrola czyjś wyrażenie control one's expression
19. allow expression = pozwól na wyrażenie allow expression
21. see in one's expression = widzieć czyjś wyrażenie see in one's expression
22. look at one's expression = patrzeć czyjś wyrażenie look at one's expression
23. study one's expression = nauka czyjś wyrażenie study one's expression
24. laugh at one's expression = śmiać się czyjś wyrażenie laugh at one's expression
25. look up with an expression = popatrz w górę z wyrażeniem look up with an expression
26. turn with an expression = obróć się z wyrażeniem turn with an expression
27. hide one's expression = ukrywać się czyjś wyrażenie hide one's expression
przymiotnik + expression
Kolokacji: 497
facial expression • artistic expression • free expression • blank expression • grim expression • serious expression • pained expression • ...
przyimek + expression
Kolokacji: 21
without expression • of expression • in one's expression • from one's expression • at one's expression • ...

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