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decorative przymiotnik

decorative + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 120
decorative art • decorative element • decorative object • decorative motif • decorative feature • decorative item • decorative painting • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
1. decorative art = sztuka dekoracyjna, zdobnictwo decorative art
3. decorative object = ozdobny przedmiot decorative object
4. decorative motif = dekoracyjny motyw decorative motif
6. decorative item = ozdobna rzecz decorative item
10. decorative detail = ozdobny szczegół decorative detail
11. decorative style = ozdobny styl decorative style
12. decorative piece = ozdobny kawałek decorative piece
13. decorative design = ozdobny projekt decorative design
  • The outer walls were also given a unique, decorative design.
  • They were produced for many years with a variety of decorative designs, created by himself or other artists.
  • The interior had a decorative design, like the outside.
  • The tower hasn't any decorative design and according to style its history is dated back to the 14th century.
  • With their decorative designs, they are used as horse saddles.
  • The decorative design of the station is devoted to the Russian folk arts.
  • On either side of them were wide aisles with decorative designs set into the floor.
  • It charts the rise, then spectacular fall, of silver in American decorative design.
  • Although they have a practical function, sword knots often had a decorative design.
  • He showed promise as a draftsman, and was sent to Paris in 1828 to study decorative design.
14. decorative work = ozdobna praca decorative work
15. decorative effect = ozdobny efekt decorative effect
przysłówek + decorative
Kolokacji: 3
purely decorative • highly decorative • merely decorative

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