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college rzeczownik

rzeczownik + college
Kolokacji: 497
Trinity College • community college • Boston College • Dartmouth College • Hunter College • Harvard College • Brooklyn College • ...
college + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 314
college football • college student • college basketball • college campus • college education • college degree • college career • ...
college + czasownik
Kolokacji: 135
college offers • college provides • college opens • college begins • Pennsylvania college accepts • college receives • college moves • ...
czasownik + college
Kolokacji: 116
attend college • enter college • finish college • start college • leave college • include colleges • educate at one's College • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 47
  • He was the first member of his family to attend college.
  • But many of these students should not attend college at all.
  • Most of the players are the first from their families to attend college.
  • He was the second person in his family to attend college.
  • I am attending college 12 hours a week trying to make a better life for myself.
  • After attending the school or college they go to work.
  • At age 18, she got out of the house and went on to attend college.
  • He is the first in his family of six to attend college.
  • He is the first person from his family to attend college.
  • A few days ago I got a call from my daughter, who was out of state attending college.
3. finish college = koniec college finish college
4. start college = początek college start college
5. leave college = ukończ wyższe studia leave college
11. take at one's College = brać przy czyjś College take at one's College
12. matriculate at one's College = zapisywać przy czyjś College matriculate at one's College
13. read at one's College = czytać przy czyjś College read at one's College
14. admit to one's College = przyznać się/przyznawać się czyjś College admit to one's College
16. complete at one's College = kompletny przy czyjś College complete at one's College
18. receive at one's College = otrzymywać przy czyjś College receive at one's College
19. enroll in college = zapisz do college'u enroll in college
21. apply to college = staraj się o przyjęcie do college'u apply to college
22. college called = college wezwał college called
23. return to college = powrót do college'u return to college
24. serve at the College = służ przy College'u serve at the College
26. get into college = dostań się do college'u get into college
28. college is affiliated = college jest przyjęty w poczet college is affiliated
29. study in college = nauka w college'u study in college
30. send to college = wyślij do college'u send to college
31. play in college = gra w college'u play in college
32. attend at one's College = być obecnym przy czyjś College attend at one's College
33. college is named = college jest nazwany college is named
34. win to one's College = wygrywać aby czyjś College win to one's College
35. hike College = piesza wycieczka College hike College
36. complete college = kompletny college complete college
37. work at one's College = praca przy czyjś College work at one's College
38. found as a college = załóż jako college found as a college
39. appoint at one's College = wyznaczać przy czyjś College appoint at one's College
40. pay for college = płaca dla college'u pay for college
42. earn at one's College = zarabiać przy czyjś College earn at one's College
43. begin at one's College = zaczynać przy czyjś College begin at one's College
44. prepare for college = przygotuj do college'u prepare for college
45. move to one's College = przeprowadzać się czyjś College move to one's College
46. spend at one's College = wydawać przy czyjś College spend at one's College
przymiotnik + college
Kolokacji: 129
four-year college • medical college • two-year college • technical college • electoral college • American college • private college • ...
przyimek + college
Kolokacji: 29
among colleges • through college • to college • after college • in college • ...

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